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The Easy way or the Hard way

“The Easy way or the Hard way?” is a parenting strategy. It works well.

It seems like a choice, but it’s not really.

This week one of Mia’s mom’s friends tried to use it on me. Funny. I think, she thinks it’s about a choice. It’s not.

It’s about a reputation for stubbornness. It’s about a dedication to act in a predictable way. Nice by default. Very stubborn and annoying otherwise. No real middle ground.

It only really works when a) you are usually nice b) you are willing to make things very uncomfortable and c) you always do it.

I guess I’m telling you this because.. it could come in handy, but mostly because it’s very annoying when people copy something and then stuff it up.

Quick Update

A week of Playmobil building..

  • Monday, Playmobil, raw chocolate smoothie, made fresh juice, gym, swim.. we saw Die Antwoord at the indoor pool, dropped Mia off, nap, Julep, Simply Asia, Balkanology.
  • Balkanology was fun.. but I can’t say I like the music.
  • Tuesday, Freedom day.. lunch at Manna with Georg, figured out Keynote, TrustFabric talk at the 27 Dinner at One&Only, got a few nice photos with the 85mm.
  • Wednesday, KPMG meeting, lunch at Olympia Kalk Bay with Luke and Jonathan, dinner at Gerjo’s new house, played with an iPad for the first time, got a digital photo frame.. thanks Gerjo.
  • “Information is free. Trust costs.”

  • Thursday, TF founders meeting at Crush, a run to Clifton and a beach walk.. always works to recharge the gumption levels.
  • Watched the end of Californication.. and the good guy wins.
  • Friday, Techno park visit to look at the DR Hotel George is building, fetched Mia from school, lunch with Naulene, tea with Andrew, shopping session to find Mia new shoes, Bettys.
  • Seems I’m just not happy if I’m not busy with crazy ideas.. I think I set in motion a crazy idea on Friday.
  • Saturday, woke up in Bettys, nice drive back, Laurensford market where Naulene was selling fresh juice, nap, Playmobil, Beta Beach sunset walk, tuna couscous salad, bath, read, 10 hour sleep.
  • Sunday, Playmobil, gym, swim, Beta Beach walk, bath, read, sleep.
  • Mia can now snap her fingers and do the Vulcan salute with both hands.. she’s getting tall.
  • Tune of the week: Disintegration, from Disintegration, by The Cure.

Have a fun week crazy kids.

Quick Update

Update for the week of 19-25 April, yes.. seems my life is getting busy and I’m not getting to my weekly blog posts.. which is annoying because I have to go re-assemble a week’s events two weeks later, which feels a bit pointless. Hmm. Then again, I started this and I’m not ready to quit.

  • A week of lemon, ginger, mint and honey tea. If it’s not on the menu, just keep bugging them to get it right.
  • Monday, raw chocolate smoothie, gym, swim, Mia drop off, Nauls meeting, Dave meeting at fat cactus, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with Georg, drinks at Asoka.
  • I finally have a signed agreement stating that Mia lives where both parents agrees she lives. So we can move back to Defcon 5 status. 5 long meeting to get this far.
  • Tuesday, design time with Mike, CBD prop viewing, lunch with Jonathan, nap to nurse a mild cold, watched The Island again with Kris, Swimgeek blog design fixes (1st round, it needs work).
  • Wednesday, apply bum to chair day, Beta Beach walk, pizza at Posticinos with Kris.. try the Tiramisu.. pretty good but I’d say Naulene’s is better.
  • “Women know within the first few seconds of meeting a guy whether they want to marry him, fuck him or kill him.” –Hank Moody, Californication

  • Thursday, gym, S3 meeting at Crush, Web Africa new office tour, Crush, prop view, Manna, dinner at Chic Cafe, Prawn Ravioli and trio of Creme Brulee, Asoka.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk with Dave, tea with Ingi at Neo, rugby and fish and chips with Parri at Mitchels, house shopping in Higgovale, nap, haircut at B’s, Julep, tuna burger at Royale with Cath and Parri, Boo Radley, Kat’s bday party at Temple.
  • Both Cath and Parri’s phones have background photo’s of each other, both my photos, both with the 85mm lens, these little discoveries makes the photography hobby well worth it.
  • Saturday, Mia time, Waterfront.. wrap and smoothie, bumped into Elan, watched How to train your dragon.. awesome movie, toy shop.. got a big Playmobil school set.. a kinda delayed real 4th birthday gift for Mia.
  • “We have stubbornness issues.” – How to train your dragon

  • Sunday, Playmobil, V eggs, Cheese Festival at Bien Donne.
  • You know it’s a cool gift when she’d rather play with a toy than ask for a morning movie.
  • A common name change is not really something you just choose to change, but it happens over time. Most people these days know me as Joe.. since varsity days really. At the cheese festival somebody recognised me from a long time ago, calling my name and then looking a bit confused when they finally ran up to me, obviously wondering why I did not respond. I guess at some point it just does not really feel like your name and that reflex response changes.
  • Georg is back on Facebook, as predicted. Like a smoker who quit for two weeks. Haha.
  • Tune of the week.. nope., can’t remember.

More notes to process. Notes. Notes. Notes.. but first, a movie.