Monthly Archives: June 2010

Quick Update

A stranger than usual week.. last week in Cape Town and some time in Amsterdam..

  • Monday, tea, made some (home) movies.. for Mia’s iPod, Ingi came over to move the last of Keith’s things, gym, swim, pizza with Naulene, the hunt for empty boxes, Andrew and I started packing up the Bakoven house, dinner at Sidewalk Cafe (the prawns), drinks at Carlyle’s with Georg and Parri.
  • “Short, sharp and shattering.” — Andrew, about a bottle of Jordan Chardonnay

  • Nothing like a few drinks with friends to get you over the stress of packing and move to that level of.. “my head hurts, let’s just do this”.
  • Tuesday, early morning emergency packing, went to go park a lot of stuff in storage, carpet cleaning, house checklist with property agent, Alpha3 launch, dinner with Keith (he was away for about 3.5 months) at Sidewalk Cafe (the prawns, again), slept over at Parri’s.
  • Good to know all the things I own still fit in 3x3x3m.
  • I don’t have a house key anymore. Interesting feeling.
  • Note to self: you should not eat prawns.
  • Note to self: you sure as hell should not eat prawns two nights in a row.
  • Wednesday: Mostly recovering from food poisoning.. not a happy camper, haircut at B’s, TrustFabric dev meeting, 12 hours of sleep.. missed two or three things I should have done.
  • Thursday, last day in Cape Town, more emergency packing, fetched a replacement NAUI card for Jacques in Gordons Bay, lunch with Mia and Naulene at Manuka, went to visit a notary to sign documents which would allow Naulene to apply for visa’s for Mia. Major misunderstanding about who was to keep these documents, grinding of teeth, clenching of fists, some tears.. in a word: drama, had to exit that, dropped my car at Audi Centre, signed some more last minute legal docs, Parri gave me a lift to the airport, a phone call to Naulene’s lawyer who, thank god understood what should have happened, flew to London.
  • How do I get myself into these situations?
  • “I’m not the marrying type.” — Naulene

  • “Everybody asks me how she’s doing
    Has she really lost her mind?
    I said, I couldn’t tell you,
    I’ve lost mine” — Pay for what you get, Dave Matthews Band

  • Interplanetary marines have cryosleep; we have Ativan.
  • Friday, arrived at Heathrow, flew to Brussels, took the train to the centre of Brussels, took a walk and found Anton’s work.. with Ovi maps, some interwebs time, nap, drove to Amsterdam, drinks at Alex’s cousin’s who lives in a floating hoase, bit of a pub crawl and a visit to the red light district.
  • Three large packs of biltong and two large packs of rooibos tea arrived safely.
  • Good to see Anton again.
  • “Somerset Wes: sit vir die plek ‘n dak op en verf dit groen.” — Anton

  • Saturday, awesome weather in Amsterdam, rented a bicycle, English breakfast, took a cycle along the Amstel Dijk.. stopping for a beers at cafe’s along the way, nap, braai with Alex, night out in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam in the summertime really is lala land.
  • Sunday, nap, drove to Mechelen to meet Evelien then back to Brussels, watched Boiler Room again.. always good.
  • In Belgium this week, next week I’m in Egypt with Jacques.

Have a fun week crazy kids.