Quick Update

A week in Tintin land with chocolate, frittes with mayo and all kinds of beer.. Chimay, Jupiler, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Duvel, Grimbergen, Faro, Kriek and the Westmaller Trippel…

  • 7-13 June, btw.
  • Monday, woke up in Brussels.. got up a bit later, road trip with Anton around southern Belgium, late lunch, drove to Leuven for a beer then back to Brussels.
  • Tuesday, admin day, more legal doc editing, frittes and mayo, dinner with Anton and Evelien.. mussels, Frambosen and Kriek in the Brussels ~town centre.
  • Wednesday, rainy day in Brussels, had a salad and a beer for over R200.. not cheap to eat out in Brussels, nap, nice home cooked supper with Anton and friends, a going away drink at Anton’s local bar.
  • “I changed by not changing at all.” — Pearl Jam, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

  • “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful,
    the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the
    clouds and their feet on the ground. Walk with those who have ideals, with
    zest to help and lift, to create and contribute. Let their spirit ignite a
    fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it. Associate
    with the creative people wherever you find them. Make friends with them, go
    where they are, talk with them, listen to them, be open and receptive to
    them, let them inspire you. Catch their attitudes, their way of thinking and
    living.” — Wiferd A. Peterson

  • Thursday, bus to the train station, got Mia a Tintin book present, Eurostar to London.. good time to work on Mia’s custody and maintenance agreement, London cab to Jacques’ work, Vespa ride, lunch with Jacques, some interwebs time, had a nice curry for supper, some Glenfiddich 18yo.
  • I hate word processors. Track changes and bullets and numbering is such a total cluster-cuss.
  • Good to see Jacques again.
  • Friday, working man’s breakfast, worked a bit, had a Whopper for lunch, fetched washing, nap, subway to Heathrow, Air Egypt flight to Cairo… they suck, only blankets for some of the passengers.
  • Jacques thinks it’s very funny that Naulene had an interest in photography and then I pretty much became a pro photographer. Not a very smart strategy.
  • “Hello my love,
    It’s getting cold on this island,
    I’m sad alone,
    I’m so sad on my own,
    The truth is,
    We were much too young,
    Now I’m looking for you,
    Or anyone like you.” — Koop Island Blues, Koop

  • Saturday, arrived in Cairo at 5:30, met our guide Mohammed and driver Mohammed, quick hotel visit, Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis step pyramid, nap at the hotel, swim, shawarmas, Sound and Light show at Giza, a few expensive Stella’s with Jacques at the hotel.
  • “Where is the Stargate?” — Jacques to Mo
  • Sunday, hotel breakfast, Coptic Cairo, Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, Cairo Market, overnight sleeper train ride to Luxor.
  • “If I were a girl I’d only date guys with Swiss timepieces.” — Jacques

Next week.. more time in Egypt.