And so the end begins

I’m back. I’m up to date with my weekly posts again. Joy.

It’s been an interesting week, kids.

Some of you may have figured out that Naulene was kind enough to have some legal docs delivered recently about an urgent high court case requesting that Mia go with her to Germany for 8 weeks.

8 weeks seem long, but that does not sound too scary right? Well, it follows on some events like her wanting to take Mia to Germany permanently earlier this year and a little matter of a passport for Mia which was issued, but which I did not give my consent to apply for.. not very cool if you read the Children’s Act of 2005.

In the week which I was planning to prepare my docs for the case, Naulene was also kind enough to, on the last minute, decide that I should look after Mia for the week. Daddy by day, legal doc typist by night. Sounds like a comic book hero?

It’s over. We reached an agreement. We signed it yesterday. We now have equal parenting rights and Mia will live in SA until she’s 18. Big thanks to my most excellent legal team.

You can stop worrying now mom.

I was thinking..

A while ago I applied to attend SeedCamp (part of tech4africa). On the application form they asked something like: tell us one remarkable fact about yourself.

Hmm.. Not an easy question. It bugged me for a while.

I could say.. I live the 4 hour work week, or I type Dvorak or I was once part of a team which raised R100m to start SA’s first vendor neutral data centre business.

Today I’d say.. Mia’s mom wanted to take her away and we stopped her. Sound simple enough.. but in many ways it was the most scary thing I’ve had to do.

ps. No, we were not chosen for SeedCamp, but we’ll keep their rejection letter as motivation. Muppets.