Quick Update

First week back in SA.

  • Week of 28 June – 4 July, btw.
  • Monday, tea with Ricardo from ThisIsMe, flight to Cape Town, fetched my car.. roof seem fixed now, lupper with Jonathan at Sinn’s, slept like a baby.
  • Tuesday, drove to Mweb N1 city, fetched a few things from storage, spent some time at Frogfoot’s office, Kauai, more PRR agreement editing.
  • Wednesday, gym, fetched Mia, for some reason Naulene was not very impressed with the Pacha t-shirt I got her, watched Toy Story 3 with Number One.. Ken was a laugh but How to train your dragon was much more entertaining, pizza, got Mia a new car seat again and some leggings from Naartjie, dropped Mia off, some Waterfront shopping, sushi at Wembley.
  • Thursday, fresh juice, gym, lunch with Deon from Hetzner, Charly’s to order a cake, haircut at Bianca’s, rooftop trailer park drinks with Georg, sushi and fried banana in Obs, drinks at Carlyle’s.
  • “there are plenty of fathers in the world, but not nearly enough daddy’s” — from Twitter I think

  • Friday, meeting with Jonathan, fetched Mia at a massage place in Gardens, lunch at Lazari.. Mia discovered balsamic vinager, cupcakes and tea, Deer Park, beautiful winters day, drove around with the roof down, cable car road lookout to show Mia the Lion’s head, back and bum, Signal Hill (the bum), book and food shopping, bath, read, 12h sleep.
  • Saturday, bircher muesli, gym.. bumped into Gerjo, swim, kudu steak rolls at Milton’s, took stadium shuttle bus to the bottom of Loop st, football fan walk with Georg and Keith, had a beer at Victoria Junction hotel.. bumped into Justin Spratt, a ride on the Cape Town (big) Wheel with Marcia, Matt, Tash and Katie (who was born in the same 48h in the same hospital as Mia).. seems Mia likes heights, pizza and football at Col’caccios in the Foreshore, took a stadium bus back to the Gardens Centre.
  • Sunday, woke up with stiff arms from carrying Mia (~20kg) on the fan walk, I turned 33, shopping, gym, swim, lunch at Simon’s – Groot Constantia with Georg and Keith, watched Tarzan2 and Mulan2, bath, read, sleep.
  • When I arrived at Simon’s I thought.. it’s been a while, then I remembered that the last time I was at Simon’s was when Naulene dumped me. True story.
  • I’m now living in Gardens, I walk to gym/office.
  • “he was clubbing to deep into the cookie jar” — Georg

  • Somebody asked: what are the top 3 places to see in Cape Town.. I figure: Lions head, Groot Constantia and Kalk Bay.
  • “the only thing worse than not getting what you want is sharing.” — Georg

  • “Someone’s got to be stable.” — Naulene, implying that she’s the stable one, haha

  • The big geek dad question.. to introduce episode 1 or episode 4 first.. I figured 1.
  • Seems the fuss I kicked up at Home Affairs about the rights of fathers had an impact. They now have an extra passport application form for mothers to complete.