Quick Update

Catching up with the weekly notes.

  • Week of 5-11 July, btw.
  • Monday, gym, swim, pizza at Knead, fetched Mia’s passport from Home Affairs with Naulene, dropped Mia off, my daily 20MB on the green sofa, wine tasting at Carlyle’s with Georg and Milton, really awesome Yellow Tail at Sidewalk
  • My week begins on Tuesdays.
  • Tuesday, gym, BWB meeting, lunch in Thaibault Square with Goof and Jonathan, opened a bank account for TrustFabric, green sofa, a drink with Gerjo and Misi, football at Paulaner with Andrew, Marcia, Paul and Bianca.. met Victoria, Holland won, Paul’s birthday party in the parking lot of Shack with some bubbly and a girl named Honey.
  • “Long Street is a long fucking street.” — Andy, about where to go next

  • Wednesday, Crush, got some admin done at the Mango-OMC office, photo processing, dinner at a Greek place in Cape Quarter2 with Cath and Parri, watched the GER-ESP game at Carlyle’s with Georg and Milton.
  • Hint: add some chilli and red cabbage to your fresh juices.
  • Thursday, gym, meeting with Dominic in Westlake, sushi with Jonathan at Barbarellas, a massage at Wembley Clinic, got some Cape Storm gear, sunset Promonade walk, shopping, a big notes processing session.
  • Friday, fetched my Aeron and screen from storage and a bicycle for Cath, Crush, tea with Nauls at Lazari.. bumped into Lambro and Tony, gym, swim, introduced Mia to Star Wars: Episode 1.
  • Keith sent me the low res pdf of his Cape Town travel guide book which contains some of my photos.. hg2.com.. cool, I’m a published photographer now.
  • Saturday, got up at 6:00 to write a letter, SA-NZ rugby at the aquarium, fetched the Lego cake from Charly’s and took a few photos, Will’s birthday party in Somerset West, back to Cape Town, Fiona came over to babysit Mia, joint birthday party for Cath, Joe, Kerry-Anne and Elan at Kink.. which was fun, but a) they were showing a football game, b) Kink never gave us the private bar they offered which led to c) some random muppet breaking our cake.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, book shop, Wellness Warehouse, Waterfront.. got a Blu-ray player and the other 6 Star Wars movies, Mouille Point play area, watched Star Wars Episode 2 and Clone Wars.. which I figure is Episode 2.5.
  • “Memory is the fabric of identity.” — Nelson Mandela

  • Seems Mia loves Star Wars and Naulene spent the weekend watching Californication.. I obviously had nothing to do with this.
  • “Ek dink sy moet net vir ‘n stappie gaan elke oggend” — Georg, about depression

  • “Next time be more selective about who you have children with.” — good advice from a lawyer

  • Some people want to put a ding in the universe, I figure I need to panel beat some dents out of the universe.