Quick Update

Some time in Joburg and Stellenbosch.

  • Week of 26 July to 1 August, btw.
  • Monday, watched Clone Wars.. Mia’s first 1080p movie, gym, pizza at Knead, Noon Gun visit, Rubarb Room, Aquarium, Naulene fetched Mia, photo processing.
  • Tuesday, BWBarn, a sandwich with Gerhard and Gordon at Jardine’s bakery, legal strategy session with Milton, seared tuna steak at Waterford Chardonnay at Carlyle’s with Georg and Milton.. that Ed Burns vibe again.
  • Wednesday, flight to Joburg, ISPA meeting, dinner with Ernst.
  • “Doughnut of death” – What Dr Ernst calls his MRI machine.

  • Thursday, presentation about TrustFabric at the WAPA GM, flight to Cape Town, GeekDinner at Knead.
  • Thursday court date, but we asked for more time.
  • I figure Blackberry is like Mxit for grownups.
  • Friday, gym, presentation about TrustFabric at the WAPA GM at Asara wine estate in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, shopping, Deer Park, mobile phone upgrade.. got an E72, watched Clone Wars, bath, read, sleep.
  • Naulene almost drove over me and crashed into the gate as she sped off. Lot’s of love.
  • Saturday, watched Clone Wars, photo processing, tea and a cupcake at Lazari with Keith.. Mia had a babychino, more photo processing, gym, a long swim, soup at home, upgraded my phone’s OS.
  • Sunday, hot cross buns, Mulan2, gym, swim, Knead Pizza, I seemed to have annoyed the security guards by helping Mia in the ladies bathroom.. funny, after a while you almost don’t notice it’s the ladies room, Mouille Point play area, jumping castle, aquarium, got Mia the Blu-ray Mamma Mia movie.. you should see her dance, put about 350 Mia photos on a digital photoframe for my mom.
  • Tune of the week: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Damnit, I just read 4 or 5 of these updates in a row! :)

    I’m verry happy to hear about the recent court episode turning out in your favour.

    Still, your mention of both a Blackberry and E72 has invoked my nervous cellular tic and I have to ask: How’s the E72? Why did you decide to stick to E7x?

    (I upgraded a few months back but sold the brand new E72 because I’m still relatively happy with my E71 and wanted to wait for the magical keyboard-powered Android 2.2 phone that hasn’t appeared yet. Oh wait, I just remembered that Android probably is not going to be your thing… :)

  2. Hey Charl

    I guess the short answer would be that I liked my E71. The E72 is a good phone for what I do.. make phone calls and make notes.

    I don’t like touch screens… sounds a bit like the qwerty story to me.. somebody figured that 80% of people don’t care to type fast but they like nice graphics.

    I’m getting comfortable on my side of the 80/20 rule (-;

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