Quick Update

A week with Mia and the conclusion of our high court battle..

  • Monday, we found Mia some new swimming goggles.. lost the others in Durban, gym, swim, Knead salad, had a car tyre puncture fixed, supper at Deer Park, legal docs typing.
  • Tuesday, Bank visit, Milton’s office, Alpha5 tweaks at Jonathan’s, supper at Deer Park, all-nighter to write legal docs.
  • Wednesday, took Mia to the nurse in Kloof St for a Tetanus shot.. a cat bit her, VitB shot, meeting with Milton and our Advocate, Mia and I took a walk by the castle, viewed a house in Ocean View drive, supper at Deer Park.
  • A Vitimin B shot after an all-nighter works well.
  • Thursday, viewed a house in Bantry Bay, beach walk, chilli juice at Manna, ordered a batch of business cards, gym, swim, Mia and I had our hair cut at Bianca’s, court day shopping, got a jacket, jeans, shoes and some Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, a Mafioso burger at Buzz Cafe, bath, read, sleep.
  • Ironic.. the last time Nico sold me a Fabiani jacket it was for my first date with Naulene.
  • Friday, up early for the big day, Mia went to the aquarium with Fiona, processed some bad news.. Naulene changed her mind and did not want to settle anymore, had breakfast with Milton at Bread, Milk and Honey, Naulene changed her mind again and now she wanted to settle again, a day with the lawyers, negotiated and signed an agreement, Mia went home with Naulene, late lunch with Milton at 5 Flies, Tech4Africa meetup, a celebratory bottle of Veuve Clicquot at Milton’s house, seared ostrich at 5 Flies with Georg, Knoxville.
  • Do you ever sit back and think this could all have been avoided?
  • Saturday, did very little, changed my blog theme, sushi bar supper.
  • Sunday, lunch at Harbour House in Kalk Bay with Georg, bumped into Graham Knox, Brass Bell, Carlyle’s.
  • I think I lost my wallet. Really annoying.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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