Evil Printers

I only ever use printers to apply for visas these days.

This week I had to apply for a visa for Mia. Not that I had a choice. It’s a high court order. So, I went to buy a printer and a scanner.

I really do not know how people selling printers to “consumers” sleep at night. Evil fuckers. There is a special lava bubble bath for all of you in hell. Not that I believe in hell.

All you groovy consumer printing industry people must really worship the story of Gillette – razors and razor blades. Sell me a printer at the price of a print cartridge. Get me on the refill. You win. So smart. Want a cookie?

Last time I had to apply for a visa I used Keith’s printer. I found out that in order to use the (all-in-one) scanner I had to buy a new print cartridge. How evil is that?

This time I go buy two different devices. A good old A4 B/W laser printer and a scanner… thinking, sure, I’ve paid more money but at least I’m not trapped in the evil print cartridge refill trap.

Turns out an entry level laser printer now comes with a crippled cartridge that can only print 700 pages. It’s 1/2 frikkin full! A new cartridge prints 1600 pages.

This stuff bugs me. Why is it cool to screw “consumers”?

You’re on my list.