Quick Update

I’m writing this one from Athens..

  • ~30 hours in the air this week.
  • Monday, backups, camera battery charging, gym, swim, lunch at Balduci’s with Jonathan and hardware crypto vendors, bought a UPS and installed it for my workstation, last minute packing, packed Mia’s bee suitcase, Georg gave Mia and I a lift to the airport, flew to London with BA, Club World seats are pretty awesome, had a Kir Royale while listening to Blonde on Blonde, read a book about Greece, watched Sherlock Holmes.. not bad, Mia watched How to train your dragon again and slept for a good 7 hours.
  • 11 hour flight, 1 hour backwards. Must say the Boeing 747-400 is like a flying fortress, smoothest take-off ever.
  • Alexander the Great died when he was 33. Impressive.
  • Tuesday, we woke up to land at Heathrow, tea, took a bus to Stansted airport to drop Mia off with Naulene, train to London CBD, met Jacques for a sushi lunch, work, London curry and some Johnnie Black.
  • Wednesday, woke up at Jacques house, flew from Heathrow to Boston Logan with American Airlines (not something I’ll easily do again), sat next to a Alvaro, who is from Guatemala.. doing a PhD related to the flexible electronics market at MIT, bus and train ride to Cambridge, nice place, found a guest house, took a walk down Mass. Ave.
  • 7 hour flight, 6 hours backwards.
  • Mia went to Cambridge for a week, then Germany for a week. So both Joe and Mia were in Cambridge, just not the same Cambridge. I phoned her, she seemed happy.
  • Thursday,VRM+CRM 2010 day1 at Harvard Law School, dinner at a seafood restaurant with the conference people, when we finished dinner it was 3:30 SA time.. tired.
  • Cambridge is a bit like Stellenbosch, only there is free wifi pretty much anywhere and everybody has an iPhone4.
  • Friday, VRM+CRM 2010 day2, a sunset walk.
  • US food: Naked Smoothies and the salads at Harvard were great. I tried a Dunkin’ Doughnut (half), had a Big Mac, had (most of) a Hershey bar, wanted to try Wendy’s but did not get around to it.
  • I figure people like order. Deterministic outcome. After a week of creating order it’s time to go experience some unknowns. A ten day mini-break in Greece. Time to go visit the birth place of democracy.
  • A thought about visa applications from countries who are very strict about their visas: I wonder what percentage of their own citizens would make it through their visa process if they were not born there.
  • Alvaro made an interesting comment about not really knowing where home is.. South America, UK, US? I think you don’t feel at home anymore if you leave a place for more than 5 years. Alvaro also commented that the most popular technologies are usually not the best technologies.
  • Saturday, blogged about VRM things, a tourist/photography day, took the train to MIT, found the MIT Media Lab, had McDonalds for lunch.. seemed like an experience you need to have at least once in the US.. they did not ask me if I wanted to supersize my meal, train/bus to Logan airport, flew to Heathrow with BA, watched She’s out of my league.. pretty good.
  • 7 hour flight, 6 hours forward.
  • Sunday, flew from Heathrow to Athens, train ride to the centre of Athens, found a hotel, nap, took my camera and explored on foot, had a salad and a beer at a cafe in the Gazi area.. nice vibe, meandered along some side streets and walked past the Acropolis.
  • 5 hour flight, 2 hours forward.
  • I have 4 different currencies in my wallet. Finding the right coin is silly.
  • Travel tip: don’t wear a belt or shoes, just easier for airport security.
  • I think my body clock must be a bit confused, but at least I’m not feeling jet-lagged.
  • Tune of the week: Why Don’t You Get A Job? – Offspring, reminds me of somebody I know (-;

Have a fun week, crazy kids.