Quick Update

Ola, I’m back in Cape Town..

  • Week of 6-12 Sept. This is the 123rd update.
  • Monday, woke up in Mykonos.. earlier than usual, Greek breakfast, we took a ferry ride to Athens.. business class this time, seems a lot of people were leaving the island.. end of the season, read a Wired mag, got some work done in a harbour coffee shop, back to the same Athens Hotel, a burger at Gazi Collage again with Jacques.
  • “Glows like g&t in a strip club.” — Jacques

  • Wired: seems call stats are showing that people are making shorter and shorter phone calls.. the avg. call has halved to 1.5min and 20% of voicemail is ignored.
  • Tuesday, woke up in Athens, 1h train ride to the airport, processed some photos in the BA lounge.. with a pleasant Greek white wine, airport security took my suntan lotion from my camera bag for the 3rd time, flew to London.. got bumped up to business class, Heathrow express.. got a free upgrade to 1st class, tube was on strike, taxi to Jacques’ house.
  • Pretty awesome to process photos 10km up in the air while sipping some bubbly.
  • “In the era of the free, nobody makes money creating private communities.” — from BABusiness Mag, about social networks and privacy.. the challenge of a business model which does not involve monetising human attention.

  • “Adios Amigo, enjoy paradise.” — A text I sent Jacques, stuck in Greece.

  • Wednesday, played catch-up.. a day with real internet access, a late lunch with Adriana at Le Pain Quotidien in South Kensington.. we talked mostly VRM, had really good conveyor belt sushi with a glass of Kleine Zalze Chenin at Itsu.. tender stem broccoli and peanut satay sauce is a great combo, Tesco shopping at 10pm.. figured I should buy District 9 on Blu-Ray.
  • “How do you explain the ROI of reading to somebody who can’t read?” — Adriana

  • I think I could live in London, for 4 months a year.
  • Thursday, reading and blogging, experienced heavy London rain for the first time, fetched Mia at Sloan Square, got Mia a Snow White dress and a Coraline DVD, took Mia for her first London (mild) curry experience.
  • Tesco’s have the worst shopping trolley design, what muppet gave trolleys 4 swivelling wheels?
  • Friday, Snow White and I did a London tourist day, Tower Bridge exhibition and engine room, Piccadilly Circus to fetch a Nokia N900, National Geographic shop, extended Hamleys visit, London Eye.. Mia got in as under 4, London Sea Life Aquarium.. shared a Ben and Jerry’s, spotted Trey Ratcliff.. doing an HDR photo walk/talk, my camera ran out of battery power.. three weeks on one charge is not bad, but still annoying, a pretty awesome plate of fish and chips with mushy peas and a Moretti beer next to the Themes at sunset.
  • Walking around London with Mia involves a lot of pointing at aeroplanes.
  • Saturday, watched Coraline, battery charging and backups day, introduced Mia to Starbucks for lunch, cab and train to Heathrow, a little duty free shopping spree, chocolates, sunglasses for Mia and me, fragrances for friends, two new iPod Touch’s, watched Kick-Ass on the plane.. good movie.
  • Heathrow is lame.. no public wifi. Boston and Athens airports had free public wifi.
  • Sunday, woke up somewhere above Namibia, Georg fetched us at the airport, had two bottles of bubbly in the form of Buck’s Fizz with some french toast at Deer Park for breakfast, Clifton 4th beach birthday party with Nicky.. hello summer, I think it’s going to be a good season.
  • I was asked if I wanted to go to church. That’s a first.
  • I managed to return from holiday with only a minor photo processing backlog.. but that did not help this post being late.
  • Btw. I have not published any photos on my website in a long time.. but I keep adding photos to Facebook. I need to figure something out.. my workstation has been unreliable as a web server.

Good to be home. Have a fun week, crazy kids.