Quick Update

A week with Mia in Cape Town..

  • Week of 13-19 Sept. This is the 124rd update.
  • Monday, configured the Nokia N900, gym, swim, Waterfront shopping.. got a Magic Trackpad and a USB charger, braai at Chris’ house with Georg and Kate, tea with Nicky.
  • Jacques is still stuck on a Greek island somewhere.. probably writing something like The Rum Diary. Passports are lame. Little books with stamps and stickers which are easy to steal.. surely we can do better. I suspect the only reason we have passports is to make us think the biometric data is not the primary reference.
  • Only managed to use the N900 for two days before going back to the E72.. but Mia liked Tetris on the N900.
  • Tuesday, tea and Bircher Muesli at Knead, gym, swim, wine tasting at Kalvin Grove with Andy and Julia, while Mia went to Fiona’s house, had a long chat with Pieter from Cederberge wines, I had a chat with somebody from the Cape Wine academy.. could be cool to do another wire courses.
  • Wine tasting notes.. check out: The FMC by Ken Forester.. wooded Chenin, Ratafia by Haute Cabriere, Diesel Pinotage by Beyers Kloof.
  • Wednesday, tea, gym, swim, we went for haircuts at Bianca’s, invited Georg for supper, cooked a broccoli and peanut sauce meal at home with a bottle of Kanu KCB 2006 wooded Chenin.
  • I phoned Andrew to figure out how to make peanut sauce, who was at work so he asked George Jardine.
  • Thursday, made fresh juice, gym, swim, toy shop, another broccoli meal, better peanut sauce.
  • “Never forget these moments.” — A tshirt I spotted.

  • Friday, tea, gym, swim, vitB shot, Kauai salad, aquarium, tea with Nicky.
  • I feel a bit like Andy Dufresne.. I write the gym manager one suggestion card per week.. this week I asked for more seating at the kids pool, wifi upstairs and to calibrate the touch screen of the cardio equipment.
  • Saturday, early Clifton 3rd, extended Deer Park lunch, played with FaceTime on the new iPods, frozen yoghurt at the Waterfront with Nicky and a ride on the Cape Town big wheel, Mia and I raced Nicky home, just after sunset with the roof down, singing along to Killers tunes.
  • I found my underwater camera again, in my beach cooler bag. A bit annoying that it missed the trip to Greece.
  • “Single?” “Yes I am, why do you ask?” — Georg, when the waitress wanted to know if he’d like a single/double G&T.

  • Sunday, added ~2500 photos to Mia’s iPod.. should have gotten the 32GB version, installed Monkey Island i/ii for her (awesome), Bircher Muesli at Knead, gym, swim, photo processing, sunset Beta Beach walk, pizza at Col’caccio Camps Bay with Nicky.
  • I was a little bit frustrated missing Earth Dance this weekend.
  • I now have 5 devices which take photos, this makes photo processing more interesting. Mia seems a bit snap happy with her new iPod.
  • This was a week without a fridge. Not such a big problem it turns out, but you have to go to the shops daily.
  • Tunes of the week: Mia played Chris Chameleon over and over.
  • I think I need to go on a Being Good week or three.
  • “We are defined more by what we like than who we are.”

  • Some people really are saints.

Have a fun week, pirates.

5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. OK so this is the load down.

    After going from one government building to the next in Athens (after spending a week there I have decided it’s a dive) I finally made it to Santorini, found a volcanic beach, cheap but decent hotel with a pool and an American honey bunny bar lady that makes me a greek salad every day – going low carb. I have been teaching the American honey bunny how to play backgammon, guess I will have to make my move after the low carb diet takes effect.

    The internet at the internet cafe is surprisingly fast 6.5mps download speed. So my first next objective is to start invoicing for work done from here.

    Then convince the NHS that I am now based here till the end of November when I will be based in South Africa.

    So maybe the total incompetence of the new South African government is a good thing. Apparently it takes 3 months to get a passport due to the anti corruption system built in – a few old South African guys worked out that if you add a lot of bureaucratic layers, the person you talk to at the counter and the person who eventually issues you the passport are 20 people removed then the chances of bribing any one specifically is reduced. Considering the temporary passport is not accepted by anyone except Botswana it might be a good thing.

    Stuck in paradise,

    Haha Johann or should I say Joe, don’t want to confuse BA or Joe, you might as well come back to Greece.

    From Paradise

  2. “..guess I will have to make my move after the low carb diet takes effect. ”

    Hehe, nice one. It’s about a week later so I guess you must be in there by now, J? Hope so

  3. Gave up on the low carb diet after a week, (haven’t eaten a greek salad since). Gave up on the American, I was quit puzzled by the fact that the time in Greece is ahead of Egypt and Israel, explained this to the girl – she didn’t get it, maybe because she didn’t know where Israel was relative to Greece.

    Told the same story to the Canadian that owns the Atlas Bar where I go drinking every night, he got it and said it can’t be, placed a bet and won a beer.

    Think I will give most Americans a wide berth, there are only so many shallow conversations you can have, no wonder Hunter S Thomson shot himself. Haha told a girl from Washington that she should go to Johannesburg, we took the record from them for most murders somewhere in 1994, didn’t get lucky there either. Miss Virginia was lovely though – the land of Marlboro, she skipped to quickly after the dive trip sadly.

    Scored an Auzzie though : )

    1. Sounds like you need to find yourself a nice Greek girl and settle down. I’ll come dive every summer.

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