Quick Update

Week two without Gluten, week three without a fridge…

  • Monday, processed some home movies with iMovie, gym, swim, lunch with Naulene at Manuka, dropped Mia off, viewed a house in Bakoven with Keith, salad at Keith’s house in Oranjezicht with Georg listened to some Tears for Fears and Bowie.
  • Note to self: Tabasco on salad works well.
  • Tuesday, gym, interesting chat with Rob Stokes, salad at Wembley, massage at Wembley clinic, walked from Georg’s house up to the cable car contour road, tuna salad with Tabasco, tea with Nicky.
  • Wednesday, early Lions Head walk with Maz, chai tea and veggie omelette at Keith’s house, Bakoven house visit with Georg, a run along the cable car contour road, G-Star Raw shop’s 1st bday at the Waterfront with comedian John Vlismas.. funny guy, conveyor belt sushi, Asoka, Knoxville.
  • “As investors we always want to be fundamentally contrarian.” — Peter Thiel

  • Thursday, blogged, meeting with Elodie and Adrian at Crush, a salad at Mimi’s with Jonathan in Obs, Devil’s Peak walk with Georg.. walked back via Rugby Road, tuna salad, tested TF Alpha6.
  • Keith started blogging at a pace. I guess Andrew will have to go through another breakup before writing his second post.
  • I kinda miss live music photography. Should make more of an effort.
  • So after two weeks of trying to get more exercise I got on the scale at the gym and weighed exactly the same… but, I had converted 1.5% of my body mass from fat to muscle. Weight is a bit of a poor metric. The whole BMI thing is lame.
  • Friday, Naulene dropped Mia off, car wash.. for the first time in about 2 months, 3-egg omelette, extended Kloof street shopping session, watched Despicable Me at the Waterfront.. very good.. I can relate, toy shop.. got Mia a new bicycle (without pedals), oyster shooter and sashimi platter at Willoughby’s.. introduced Mia to edemame, Mia watched Pocahontas.
  • Funny, of the two children in my life, communicating with the 4yo is much easier than with the 29yo.
  • Saturday, gym, swim, we built a pirate ship, Nicky invited us to a (pretty awesome) beach house at Misty Cliffs, beach walk, nice supper, bath, sleep.
  • Sunday, woke up in Misty Cliffs with a beautiful view, Mia took a swim, brief Noordhoek farm village visit, stopped for a Chapmans Peak photo, Wellness Warehouse, nap, gym, swim, tuna salad, watched The Tale of Despereaux, bath, read, sleep.
  • Mia’s favourite games: Mia the lift operator, packer vs. unpacker… some days I feel like all I do is put stuff back where Mia found them.
  • Tunes of the week: I discovered a Fokofpolisiekar mix cd again.

See you at Rocking the Daisies, crazy kids.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hi

    As I have taken the liberty to book you and myself on a free diving course next year I thought it would be appropriate to post this on your “what happened this week blog”. Still no passport!

    I had a few beers last night with the Greek free diving champion Stravos (151m record), and ended up diving with him today. I made around 25m with the bigger fins. Good viz, and hot water really makes a difference. I told Stravos I had another South African friend that can also hit his depth and we would both be keen to do the 7 day course with him, most of his courses is in Greek, so we need an English Course slot.

    It was amazing to see Stravos disappear 20 meters below the Scuba Divers at 24m.

    I think we should aim for the 40m mark. – with the required safety team of course.

    A few tips I picked up:
    – You can use the air in your mask when you come up, never thought of that all the years we where diving.(this is amazing you come up and suddenly you have an extra breath before you hit the surface, when you need it most)
    – You should keep your head down, chin on chest
    – You shouldn’t keep the snorkel in your mouth (safety, in case you black out)
    – Stravos equalized without using his hands, blocking his nose using some form of technique, no nose clip, think that could definitely add a few extra meters.
    – Big fins make a massive difference, those fins we had at Uni just don’t cut it.

    The art is relaxing, the more relaxed you are the less air you use.

    Stravos was a bit shy in giving me too much tips as he has a 7 day course for 400 euro.

    This is a link to his website:

    Also have a Flemish guy with a hardcore underwater camera kit that can be commissioned to take the 40m footage. I will hopefully get some footage from him that he’s taken of some of my dives.

    Here’s a video he made:

    Jacques (Stuck in paradise)

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