Lame Identifiers

Analysing the obvious again..

XRI and OpenID is broken. Yes, broken. Not compatible with planet Earth. Nice idea, but broken.

Yesterday, I was driving behind a little white van, I think it was a plumber or a cleaning service of sorts. The white van had some advertising on the back. Pretty standard, but not the first time I’ve spotted people getting something trivially simple so very wrong.

They had the wrong telephone number printed on the van. Some people just don’t get number formats. +27 21 123 4567 should give you Cape Town, South Africa.. but I’ve seen some creative failures.

Back to XRI:

This is from Wikipedia:

Composition of an Extensible Resource Identifier

An XRI starting with “=” is thought of identifying a person. An XRI starting with “@” identifies a company or organization. A starting “+” indicates a generic concept, subject or topic [6].

A “*” marks a delegation. For example with “=family*name”, “=family” delegates the resolving of its sub-XRI “name” to another resolver.

Groovy, but… WTF? Muppets.

People like Twitter names. They get it. Don’t even try and make it case sensitive. Try and explain XRI syntax to your grandmother.

Back to OpenID:

People like email addresses. They understand them. Enter Webfinger. Don’t try and make people remember URLs.

Remember kids, just because it’s cool, does not make it useful.