Quick Update

Week three without Gluten. This post was delayed. I think I needed to process a few things.

  • Week of 4-10 Oct, btw.
  • Monday, woke up with mild food poisoning, made fresh juice, dropped Mia with Naulene.. found out Naulene was pregnant again, nap, Meerlust wine tasting with Georg and Milton.
  • Something changed on Monday.
  • “Be cool on this shit, okay, cubbie?”,
    “I mean, at least try to show both sides.”
    “I need to find a baby for this father.”
    “Yeah, I think I know what you mean.”
    — Steve and Cubbie, Life Aquatic

  • Tuesday, gym, Alpha6 tweaking at Jonathan’s, a salad at Mango Ginger in Obs, more Alpha6 tweaking, comedy night at the Purple Turtle with Georg, seared tuna at Asoka.
  • “In the end the only real value added to society at large is people building things which other people want. The rest are support-staff ;-)” — PW

  • Wednesday, gym, salad at Crush, took a walk from Georg’s house up Table Mountain and back via Oranjezicht.
  • Thursday, nurse checkup and VitB shot, a chat with Annette at Wembley, TrustFabric meeting at the yacht club, went to look around the Open Innovation studio with Max, Am I Collective “13” exhibition in Kloof st, Sidewalk Cafe with Georg and Cath.
  • Seems I need more iron in my blood.. eat your broccoli and spinach kids.
  • Friday, meeting with Scott, drove to Rocking the Daisies with Georg, night of mayhem, goood fun.
  • “The only DJ I can tolerate being fat is Carl Cox.” — Keith

  • Tequila ice cream.. now there’s an idea.
  • Saturday, woke up in the Kreef Hotel, spent some time by the dam, another night of mayhem.
  • The RTD Red Bull tent was awesome.. good job Mike. Boo was good. Springbok Nude Girls was excellent. I put a fair bit of mileage on my sandals.
  • Had a good nostalgia moment listening to the Nude Girls again.. 1996ish, Jacobs Ladder, Stellenbosch.. “you are my friend”.
  • “He’s on special drugs.” — OH at RTD, about Chris Chameleon/Boo

  • Sunday, rainy day, drove back to Cape Town, watched The men who stare at goats at the Labia.. pretty good.. 3 Kings meets The Big Lebowski , fetched Mia.
  • Tunes of the week: Behind the Sun – Chicane
  • I figure you can narrow down life to two ideas: a) it’s a game, b) be thankful for being able to play.

I’m sure you had a fun week.. especially if you attended RTD.