Quick Update

The last few weeks of 2010..

  • Monday, a day without moving my car, cleaned up a Mia disaster area (room) for 30min, green smoothie, admin day, FaceTime with Mia – iPod Touch, penne alla arrabiata at Primi with Georg and Keith.
  • Tuesday, Lions Head walk, Clinton Beach walk, Little Beta Beach swim, walked from Bakoven through Camps Bay up some jeep-track towards the 12 Apostles, upgraded the media server to Ubuntu 10.10.
  • Wednesday, open access network project meeting, 2.5 hour spinning class.
  • Thursday, nurse visit, vitB shot, made an awesome pasta for lunch, Little Beta Beach swim.. jumped off one of the bigger rocks, did some x509 CA structure planning, Paul Cluver Chardonnay.
  • Friday, played with intermediary CA certs, Naulene dropped Mia off, we went shopping in the Waterfront, found a few nice dresses.
  • Saturday, swimming lesson, Mia went to a birthday party, SA vs Barbarians rugby, braai with Gerjo and Misi.
  • Sunday, ~family day, breakfast at Deer Park with Mia, Naulene and Francis, nap, fish and chips at the aquarium, ice cream, Mia went home with Naulene, Signal Hill sunset, chai tea at Cafe Sofia – Camps Bay – with Keith and Romy.
  • After a longer than usual chat with Naulene, I think I’ve made peace with a few things. As strange as this situation is, I now accept that this is probably the best outcome.
  • A Camps Bay local called me a Camps Bay local. I guess I’ve been hanging around here long enough.
  • “Great companies have a sense of purpose beyond just making money.” ~ Peter Thiel

  • Tune of the week: 1980, from White Light

Have a fun week, crazy kids.