Quick Update

I should really write something other than just weekly updates soon..

  • Monday, Lions Head walk, got a Mac Mini Server and a normal Mac Mini, configured RAID1 on the server version, ribs special at Hussar Grill – Camps Bay with Jonathan.
  • “Lunch is for wimps.” — Gordon Gekko, “Gluten is for wimps.” — Joe

  • Tuesday, Lions Head walk, we released TrustFabric Beta1, Beta party on Beta Beach.. a braai for ~17 people.
  • There is something about walking up to a very hot woman on the beach and starting a conversation that’s scary.. but makes you feel alive.
  • “You have a butler?” — Will

  • Wednesday, watched Evita at Theatre on the Bay with Keith.. very good show, swim, nap, walked to Glen Beach, photo processing.
  • I spotted an RS5 this week. Pretty awesome.
  • Dreams
  • An interview with me with a bit of Indiana Jones fun.
  • I figure varsity is really about meeting interesting people.
  • Thursday, work, gym, waterfront shopping, Mac Mini Server setup, migrated parts of my Aperture library to my new photo processing workstation.
  • Friday, got up early to install OSX Server _again_, Mia end of year school concert.. which I filmed in full HD with the 5DmkII, brunch with Naulene and Mia at Manuka, Frogfoot office to prep the Mac server.. which failed, Digicape visit.. gave up, muppets, lunch with Cath at Fugu in Wembley Square, email processing, g&t’s at home with Georg and Romy.. DJ Georg worked on his NYE set: “big room tunes”.
  • To quote Mia’s first word: “more”.
  • Joe: “Are you saying you want money?”
    Nauls: “Yes.”
    Joe: “Well, I guess you should have married me then.”
    [Mia finds this very funny and starts laughing]
    — Part of a negotiation about who looks after Mia on NYE

  • Saturday, packing, switched my laptop off for the first time.. in a long time, drove to Stanford, played photographer at Jonathan’s wedding, stayed at a Hadeda’s Lodge in Stanford.. which I can recommend.
  • “Don’t think too much.” — A text message from Naulene.

  • Sunday, woke up in Standford, had an omelette, drove to Grabouw at 7am, walked Suicide Gorge for the 7th time with Anton, Georg, Bienne, PW, Nick, Edward, Anton Louw, Hans, Gerjo and Misi.. awesome fun, Yellow Tail and chips at Trawlers in Gordon’s Bay, sunset Camps Bay walk, slept like a baby.
  • “Congratulation. It took me the best part of an hour to work up the balls to do that.” — Keaty, The Beach

  • Gordons Bay: a small drinking town with a big fishing problem.
  • Tune of the week: Someone’s Missing, MGMT

Have a fun holiday, crazy kids.