Quick Update

I’m finding it hard to convince myself to leave the house.. and the beach.

  • Monday, day without using my car, photo processing, had a paella at Sotano with Keith.
  • Tuesday, got up early, made slides for a VC pitch, first TrustFabric VC pitch, lunch with Bienne at Crush-Wembley, beach time, Mango-OMC year end function at Buena Vista – V&A, Trinity club opening party in Green Point with Bienne and Keith, sushi at Soho in De Waterkant.
  • “So, you are the ex from hell?” — Bienne, about the recent high court story

  • “I believe that if you get into a relationship with heroin, it should be for an operation.” — Keith

  • Somebody asked how I’d measure the success of TrustFabric: I figure.. when nobody gets excited about it anymore and it’s just assumed to be there.
  • Wednesday, installed the Mac Mini Server in the Frogfoot DC, shopping for two backup hard disks, salad at Neo, hot chocolates with Ed at Cafe Sofia – Camps Bay, Lions Head walk with Bienne, a drink at Manhattans, James Zabiela at Trinity with Keith.. pretty awesome.
  • Thursday, fetched Mia in SSW, pizza in Stellenbosch, Debby’s braai in Jonkershoek, Little Beta Beach, bath, read, sleep.
  • Friday, car license renewal, gym, swim, Mia and I had our hair cut at Bianca’s.. Mia seems to like scalp massages, Little Beta Beach, we hoist the Pirate flag again (had to take it down because of the wind last week), animal corn pasta, we watched Fantastic Mr Fox together.
  • Saturday, How to Train your Dragon, gym, swim, Little Beta Beach, photo processing, made supper for Paul and Lindsey.
  • Sunday, watched Megamind at V&A with Mia.. very good, toy shop, Little Beta Beach, salad at Neo, Mouille Point play area, made pasta for supper, a bottle of Graham Beck bubbly with Bienne on the deck.
  • The only xmas gift I bought this year: Playmobil Knights Empire castle.
  • Mia seems to like Coconut milk more than soy and oats milk.
  • “I’m well, thanks.” — Mia, when you ask her “how are you?”, much better than the usual “fine”.

  • Naulene thinks my real Super Hero talent is to be irritating.
  • Mia points at some coins and asks “Can you do the trick to make money disappear?”. I say, no I’m not a magician. “What do you do?” I’m an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs start businesses. Businesses sell things people want. So, what does your dad do? “He makes money.” And what does your Mom do: “She tricks people to give her money.” Something like that.

Have a fun holiday, crazy kids.