Quick Update


  • Monday, VC meeting at Sandbar.. last meeting of the year – start of my holiday, Little Beta Beach with Mia and Carel.
  • Seems there is this rumour around Beta Beach that Johnny Depp bought our house. Must be the flag.
  • “Mia’s forefathers pulled wagons over Sir Lowry’s pass, before there was a Sir Lowry’s pass.” — Josh, about Mia winning a tug-of-war with the other kids

  • “Die ouens wat die wereld verander probeer nie baie hard om normaal te wees nie.” — Carel

  • Tuesday, got Mia a second skin for swimming in the sea and a NASA pillow, dropped Mia with Naulene, g&t’s on the beach with Georg and Bienne. Georg worked on his NYE party set.
  • “Wat’s nuus? Is Naulene al weer swanger?” — Georg, after returning from his one week roadtrip.

  • Wednesday, drove through to Bettys Bay with Georg, crayfish diving with Anton.. a bit cold, but I got 3 crayfish and I still fit in my wetsuit from 1997, braai with Andrew, Anton, Georg etc, a nigth out in Kleinmond, mostly Gringo’s bar.
  • “Enough with the back-seat-braaing.” — Andrew

  • Thursday, woke up in Bettys, drove to Cape Town, nap, pizza with Bienne, watched Rushmore and Gattaca again.
  • “I never saved anything for the swim back.” — Vincent, Gattaca

  • Friday, slept till 10am, fetched Mia, drove through to Bettys Bay, xmas eve braai.
  • Saturday, woke up in Bettys, awesome xmas lunch, swim, a long nap, the perfect day.
  • Sunday, woke up in Bettys, drove back to Cape Town, stopped for ice cream in Pringle, braai in Bakoven, Little Beta Beach, Paul, Claus and Jami came over for sundowners, had a few g&t’s with Georg and Bienne.
  • “Don’t diss the douchebags, they pay taxes.” — Claus

  • “It’s the mark of a very, very young soul to try and fix the world.” — Chuck Palahniuk

  • “The difference between how you look and how you see yourself is enough to kill most people. And maybe the reason vampires don’t die is because they can never see themselves in photographs or mirrors.” — Chuck Palahniuk

  • Tune of the week: Can’t Stand It – Morcheeba

Get ready for a new years party, crazy kids.