Quick Update

Cape Town in the Summertime and the living is easy…

  • Monday, Mia and I built the Playmobil Knights Empire Castle, gym, swim, extended Waterfront visit, fish and chips at Willoughby’s, got Mia a Vader (red) lightsaber, when we got home Mia ran upstairs to find the Yoda (green) lightsaber and switched off the lights, so we had a Jedi battle.
  • “How can Santa Clause see everybody?” Well, do you think he can? “No.” — Mia

  • Tuesday, made fresh juice, we watched Wall-E again, gym, swim, Gardens Centre, nap, Little Beta Beach, I made Cosmopolitans and Vanilla Pear Martini’s, gluten-free Spaghetti, lightsaber battle, bath, sleep.
  • Georg has become a music geek. He is well on his way to investing 10k hours.
  • Wednesday, watched Kung-Fu Panda, we had grapefruit, mangos and litchi’s for lunch with a nice glass of Longridge Chardonnay (memories of 2004), Little Beta Beach, sunset Chardonnay on the bar deck (for a bit of variety), pizza at Col’caccios Camps Bay.
  • “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” — Oogway, Kung-Fu Panda

  • “I don’t want to survive, I want to live.” — Captain, WALL-E

  • “Did you feel you were tricked by the future you picked?” — WALL-E soundtrack (Peter Gabriel).

  • Mia can count to 30 now.. and to 10 in Afrikaans.
  • Thursday, Naulene fetched Mia, gym, nap, sushi in Kloof st with Georg, watched a few South Park episodes, watched Iron Man again.
  • Friday, last day of 2010, slept late, Little Beta swim, pre-nye-party-nap, put 1kg of fillet on the braai and ate it off the braai with some wholegrain mustard.. can’t think of a better meal, had a new years eve party for about 120 people at our house.. it was wild and very good fun, watched the sun come up and went for a morning swim in the sea with Paul and Elodie.
  • Saturday, got out of bed at around 4pm, Chardonnay on the beach, sushi and two helpings of Sake at Codfather with Bienne.
  • Sunday, omelette at Village Cafe in De Waterkant, walked around Kloof Street, watched The Social Network at Labia on Orange with Bienne.. good movie, walked from Bakoven to Clifton1, watched The Ugly Truth with Georg at home.. entertaining, but disturbing to voluntarily watch a chick flick.

Have a fun 2011, kids. One more time around the sun. Make this one count.