Who’s Who Muppets

A few weeks ago I find my name on this page: TrustFabric Employees & Directors. First impressions: it’s a bit spammy. I figure they must have been harvesting info off Huddlemind.

I figure, ok, let’s try this. Click on Claim This Profile. It asks for an ID number. Hmm.. why? Do you really need personal information?

I ask on Twitter. They respond saying they don’t need my ID number, only a Date of Birth. No problem, that seems to pass their form validation. I let them know that the form very much seems to ask for an ID number but DOB works. From their response I’m guessing this is a bug.. and they really really want and ID number.

Two weeks later. No response, no profile. Muppets.

Dear Who’s Who. Remove me, please. Go back to the drawing board. I suspect you can think up a better way to initiate the process of listing people or your site. The current way is very broken.