Quick Update

Getting back into a bit of an exercise routine again..

  • Monday, Codfather 1/2 price sushi lunch special, chucked 3l of bleach in a pool to kill some mozzies, a run to Clifton1 and a sunset beach walk.
  • “How awsome is this?” ..what I think most mornings when I wake up.
  • Tuesday, Lions Head walk, design meeting, a walk to Clifton1, Big Beta beach sunset with a glass of red, Campari’s, pasta.
  • “Just about everybody I know in Cape Town are busy starting up their own business.” — Brad the designer

  • “Endless Summer. Time to replace those photo frames.” — A message in what I think was an xmas card from Naulene

  • Wednesday, Camps Bay/Glen Beach walk, Little Beta swim, made a fresh juice, hot chocolate at Vida with Donald, first spinning class of 2011.. bit of a bitch, Little Beta swim, salad and Chardonnay, watched some Simpsons with Georg.. the Michael Jackson one was kinda cool.
  • “I’m not popular enough to be different.” — Homer Simpson

  • Remember kids, stretch, at least twice a day.. and drink more water.
  • Thursday, sushi lunch special at Codfather again, more mozzie killing tactics, DJ Georg Thursday night set at home, Campari’s.
  • Managed not to leave the house for two days this week.
  • After a week of trying to arrange to video conference with Mia I have tot sit back and think.. WTF?. I suspect we’ve reaching the point where working with Mia to get something done is easier than working with Naulene to get something done. A trend I suspect we are only seeing the very beginnings of now.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk, Clifton beach walk, fetched Mia at school, wraps, book shop, food shopping, Little Beta beach swim, bath, read, sleep, I watched the other half of Life Aquatic with a glass of Sterhuis Chardonnay and some Blueberry Lindt.
  • I was looking in the book Mia brings home from school. Seems next week they are learning about the colour Blue, the letter B and the number 2.. really?
  • Mia can count to 120 now.
  • “We’re gonna be like Fonzie here. And what’s Fonzie like? Cool.” — Pulp Fiction

  • Saturday, we watched the Emperor’s New Groove, my famous raw smoothie, gym, swimming lesson, aquarium, fish and chips, ice cream, Chardonnay with Andrew and Bianca on Little Beta, I made pasta, bath, read, 11h sleep.
  • It’s a bit distressing that I seem to have lost a lens cap in the house.. at the last braai.
  • “Why is my mom a mom if she’s not married?” — Mia

  • Sunday, watched Eldorado again.. I think Mia likes the Elton John soundtrack, raw smoothie, gym, swim, Waterfront toy and DVD shop, Naulene fetched Mia, walked to Clifton1 with Georg.
  • Started reading The Black Swan.
  • Tune of the week. Same as last week. New video.
  • Anton is in Cape Town this coming weekend.

Remember kids, getting there is all the fun.