Monthly Archives: February 2011

Quick Update

It was time for a new header image for my blog..

  • Monday, a good VC meeting at &Union, a CA cert design session, a chat with PW at Greens - Park Rd, got a new pair of Vibram fivefingers, beach time, watched Black Swan with Keith at the Labia... good movie, seems you need to lose a bit of control to be perfect.. not really a Valentines day movie.
  • "Make no little plans"

  • Tuesday, TrustFabric founders meeting, sushi at Codfather, beach time, a sunset run to Clifton 1.
  • Wednesday, Ben (the new intern) came to visit us, 2.5 hour spinning class.
  • "I guess I have to go by a higher law. Yeah, I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma." -- Hunter S. Thompson

  • Thursday, VC meeting, sushi.. we try to limit it to twice a week, dinner at the Chapmans Peak Hotel with Carel and Carlos.. very good calamari.
  • I've been busy writing version 2 of the TrustFabric business plan.
  • Friday, meeting with Lee from, we released TrustFabric Beta 2.0, U2 at Cape Town Stadium.. my first visit to the stadium.. good visuals.
  • Saturday, early drive to SSW to fetch Mia, gym, swimming lessons, shop till you drop session, fish and chips at Willoughby's, toy shop.. there was a 1/2 price Star Wars Lego special.. but sadly Mia was not interested, got Mia an early birthday gift, video shop, Little Beta, watched Despicable Me on Blu-Ray.. brilliant movie: "Alpha Villian, superbad, superdad.", bath, read, sleep.
  • "Life is full of disappointment... for some people." - Gru

  • Sunday, we designed and painted two masks, breakfast, built a Lego truck.. Mia did most of the building.. a new trend, Davy Dragon's Guide to the Night Sky at the planetarium, Aquarium, fish and chips, crafts, ice cream, watched Despicable Me again, Naulene fetched Mia, photo processing, walked to Glen Beach, watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.


I watched the U2 show in Cape Town tonight... it was ok.

Well organised. Easy in and out. Good bus service. First world stuff. Well done Cape Town.

I think U2 should stick to making music. Enough with the Mickey Mouse humanitarianism. Nobody likes a goody two shoes rock star.

The visuals were excellent, but the sound in that stadium is far from optimal. Standing waves?

How awesome was that rig? They should give it to Deadmau5 for an evening. Now that would be a show.

Quick Update

Another week of chasing VC (no, not the Viet Cong)..

  • Monday, misty morning, blogged in bed, made a tuna salad for lunch, FaceTime chat with Mia, sunset walk to Clifton1.
  • "So, when is Naulene dropping her next album?" -- Jonathan, about Mia's next 1/2 sibling. Seems to be around 5 March.

  • Tuesday, early morning Little Beta swim, a nice meeting with Rob, Wembley session, bumped into Chris and the Motribe guys, quick Orms visit, GeekDinner #22 at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.
  • Sometimes it's a bit weird when people tell me they actually regularly read my weekly updates.
  • Wednesday, early morning walk to Glen beach, 2.5 hour spinning class.
  • Thursday, a good VC meeting, sushi at Codfather, went snorkelling around Beta Beach, walked to Glen Beach, did some GeekDinner planning along the way, wrap at Kauai.
  • Friday, tea with Dave at Greens in Park Rd, visit to the hardware shop to get a sprinkler thingum for our grass, Little Beta with Andy and Stefanie, T.I.T.S launch party at Drake's bar, La Vie.
  • "Well, we all go a bit nuts sometimes right?" -- Ingi

  • Saturday, neighbour goods market with Andy and Stefanie, Will came over for a brief visit.. and to drop off our U2 tickets, a few Little Beta beach sessions, a sunset walk to Clifton1, a drink at Caprice with Georg.
  • "Passion fruit and soda please." - My new line.

  • Moment of clarity: I strongly suspect I'm living in the most beautiful part of the best city in the world.. doing things which could have a real positive impact.
  • Sunday, family day, breakfast at Caffe Neo with Naulene, Mia and Francis, I played babysitter while Naulene went for a massage, Mia and I practised drawing numbers, braai with Georg and Aiden, Little Beta beach time, Mia went home with Naulene, took a walk to Glen Beach.
  • "I have two-day-hangovers now." - Aiden, about getting older.

  • "Don't worry they won't think to stop you for drunk driving." -- Georg, offering Naulene a drink.

  • I'm so far behind with publishing photo's I'll need to take a holiday to catch up.
  • Tunes of the week: Ben Harper, funny how I love and hate his music.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Cape Town, in the Summertime, in February..

  • Monday, a day of not driving, woke up to find Andrew on the couch, Lara quit.. she got a bursary to go study at UCT, took an afternoon, walk to Clifton1 and a sunset beach walk back, tuna pasta.
  • Seems of all the milk alternatives Mia likes rice milk the most.
  • Tuesday, early morning beach swim, fetched Mia from school, had Dorado and salad at CTFM.. Mia had calamari, watched Tangled.. good movie - a bit sad at times - we cried like little girls, children's party gift shopping, dropped Mia with Naulene, a visit to Andrew's new house up in Spanish Farm.. nice area, he made a good salad, photo processing.
  • "I'm the only person in my class who can flick and draw hearts." -- Mia

  • "Did I ever tell you I've got a thing for brunettes?" -- Flynn, Tangled

  • "The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

  • Wednesday, early Little Beta swim, CDH meeting in town, 1 hour full body Swedish massage at Wembley, 2.5 hour spinning class, pizza at Col'Cacchio's Camps Bay with Georg.
  • Thursday, a day of not driving, early swim.. Big Beta for a change.. had a brief that with Anneline Kriel, omelette at Cafe Sofia with Jonathan, Little Beta sunset swim, a walk to Glen Beach, calamari and salad at Marika's with Georg.
  • "Everything you want in the world is just outside your comfort zone." seen on FB

  • Friday, seed investment meeting in Stellenbosch, lunch with Theo and Paul at the Black Horse centre, fetched Mia from school, food shopping, Little Beta beach swim, Mia watched Planet51, Big Beta beach sunset photography session, tuna salad, bath, read, sleep.
  • Saturday, Mia's morning fashion show and some dancing, swimming lesson.. group swimming for the first time, car wash and Wellness Warehouse shopping, braai at our house with Olivier, Flore, Trynity (who makes post rock epic film soundtrack music) and Tory.
  • Sunday, woke up feeling tip-top.. like really good.. this no-drinking thing is awesome, met Naulene at Neo, Aquarium with Mia, her sister and Naulene, I made a salad at home, extended Little Beta Beach session, Mia went home with Naulene, photo processing, another braai.. ostrich and chicken this time, watched Fear and Loathing.. fell asleep 1/2 way again, babies don't sleep this well, perfect weekend actually.
  • The life aquatic with Joe: Sunday family day - at the aquarium with Mia, her half sister, the ex girlfriend - pregnant with Mia's soon to be half brother: Marlin.
  • Flow time in the beach house: I process photos, Georg mixes music.
  • "In a lesbian household there is no shortage of batteries." -- Naulene, about me needing to buy batteries for the TV remote.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I can tell you what I did every day for the last 143 weeks. Cool huh?

  • ..well, this one is a bit late.. busy week I guess.
  • Monday, Lions Head walk with some Morcheeba, Little Beta swim, long day at the ~office, Little Beta swim, Georg made friends with two girls on the beach, g&t's, joined our new friends at Hudson's in Green Point, ended up at Rafiki's.. for the first time in about two years.
  • "Who controls the media, controls the mind." -- Tshirt in Rafiki's

  • Tuesday, a tour of the Ogilvy building, lunch with Chris at The Kitchen, Orms visit.. played with some zoom lenses, got a Spyder3 colour calibrator, played photographer at the Silicon Cape networking event #4 at La Med.
  • Wednesday, walked to Clifton1, Lara's first day at TrustFabric, super green smoothie, colour calibrated my three screens, a warmup 45min spinning class.. I sat next to Naulene's lawyer, a bit awkward.. but I suspect she likes me more than Naulene these days, 90min music trivia spinning class, managed to eat nothing after that.
  • Thusday, nurse visit (blood sugar and iron are tip-top, cholesterol could be a tad better), vitB shot, car wash, haircut, sushi at Codfather with Jonathan and Lara, Little Beta swim, a run to Clifton1 and a sunset beach walk, supper with Georg at Marika's in Bakoven.. lamb skewers and Glenfiddich.. nice spot.
  • In some ways Skype is bad.. when calls are free people don't see to care about their time or your time.
  • "Man, ek's altyd reg." -- Georg

  • Friday, good seed investment meeting, beach time, more beach time, a Guinness at O'Driscoll's with Georg, Aiden and Chris, a few drinks at La Vie in Sea Point.
  • "Peer pressure rocks!" -- Aiden

  • Saturday, a morning swim, grapefruit and vanilla vodka protein shake, (breakfast of champions), Sam's birthday picnic at Deer Park (not the restaurant), fetched Anton in Stellenbosch, drove to Origin with the roof down, a good party with Anton, Georg, LKB and Brooke.. kinda bumped into Naulene's sister.
  • Sunday, extended beach time and Campari's with Georg.. worked on my tan, Keith and Ingi's birthday party in Bakoven, last drink for a while, in bed by 22:00... not a very pro photographer move.
  • I did it last year, so I figure I'll do it again this year.. no drinks for February, March, April and May.
  • Tunes of the week: Paul van Dyk, Cream Ibiza.
  • I guess I publish these updates late on random week nights so they don't show up in Facebook news feeds so much.
  • Only regret.. no Origin photos this year.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.