Quick Update

I can tell you what I did every day for the last 143 weeks. Cool huh?

  • ..well, this one is a bit late.. busy week I guess.
  • Monday, Lions Head walk with some Morcheeba, Little Beta swim, long day at the ~office, Little Beta swim, Georg made friends with two girls on the beach, g&t’s, joined our new friends at Hudson’s in Green Point, ended up at Rafiki’s.. for the first time in about two years.
  • “Who controls the media, controls the mind.” — Tshirt in Rafiki’s

  • Tuesday, a tour of the Ogilvy building, lunch with Chris at The Kitchen, Orms visit.. played with some zoom lenses, got a Spyder3 colour calibrator, played photographer at the Silicon Cape networking event #4 at La Med.
  • Wednesday, walked to Clifton1, Lara’s first day at TrustFabric, super green smoothie, colour calibrated my three screens, a warmup 45min spinning class.. I sat next to Naulene’s lawyer, a bit awkward.. but I suspect she likes me more than Naulene these days, 90min music trivia spinning class, managed to eat nothing after that.
  • Thusday, nurse visit (blood sugar and iron are tip-top, cholesterol could be a tad better), vitB shot, car wash, haircut, sushi at Codfather with Jonathan and Lara, Little Beta swim, a run to Clifton1 and a sunset beach walk, supper with Georg at Marika’s in Bakoven.. lamb skewers and Glenfiddich.. nice spot.
  • In some ways Skype is bad.. when calls are free people don’t see to care about their time or your time.
  • “Man, ek’s altyd reg.” — Georg

  • Friday, good seed investment meeting, beach time, more beach time, a Guinness at O’Driscoll’s with Georg, Aiden and Chris, a few drinks at La Vie in Sea Point.
  • “Peer pressure rocks!” — Aiden

  • Saturday, a morning swim, grapefruit and vanilla vodka protein shake, (breakfast of champions), Sam’s birthday picnic at Deer Park (not the restaurant), fetched Anton in Stellenbosch, drove to Origin with the roof down, a good party with Anton, Georg, LKB and Brooke.. kinda bumped into Naulene’s sister.
  • Sunday, extended beach time and Campari’s with Georg.. worked on my tan, Keith and Ingi’s birthday party in Bakoven, last drink for a while, in bed by 22:00… not a very pro photographer move.
  • I did it last year, so I figure I’ll do it again this year.. no drinks for February, March, April and May.
  • Tunes of the week: Paul van Dyk, Cream Ibiza.
  • I guess I publish these updates late on random week nights so they don’t show up in Facebook news feeds so much.
  • Only regret.. no Origin photos this year.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.