Quick Update

Another week of chasing VC (no, not the Viet Cong)..

  • Monday, misty morning, blogged in bed, made a tuna salad for lunch, FaceTime chat with Mia, sunset walk to Clifton1.
  • “So, when is Naulene dropping her next album?” — Jonathan, about Mia’s next 1/2 sibling. Seems to be around 5 March.

  • Tuesday, early morning Little Beta swim, a nice meeting with Rob, Wembley session, bumped into Chris and the Motribe guys, quick Orms visit, GeekDinner #22 at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.
  • Sometimes it’s a bit weird when people tell me they actually regularly read my weekly updates.
  • Wednesday, early morning walk to Glen beach, 2.5 hour spinning class.
  • Thursday, a good VC meeting, sushi at Codfather, went snorkelling around Beta Beach, walked to Glen Beach, did some GeekDinner planning along the way, wrap at Kauai.
  • Friday, tea with Dave at Greens in Park Rd, visit to the hardware shop to get a sprinkler thingum for our grass, Little Beta with Andy and Stefanie, T.I.T.S launch party at Drake’s bar, La Vie.
  • “Well, we all go a bit nuts sometimes right?” — Ingi

  • Saturday, neighbour goods market with Andy and Stefanie, Will came over for a brief visit.. and to drop off our U2 tickets, a few Little Beta beach sessions, a sunset walk to Clifton1, a drink at Caprice with Georg.
  • “Passion fruit and soda please.” – My new line.

  • Moment of clarity: I strongly suspect I’m living in the most beautiful part of the best city in the world.. doing things which could have a real positive impact.
  • Sunday, family day, breakfast at Caffe Neo with Naulene, Mia and Francis, I played babysitter while Naulene went for a massage, Mia and I practised drawing numbers, braai with Georg and Aiden, Little Beta beach time, Mia went home with Naulene, took a walk to Glen Beach.
  • “I have two-day-hangovers now.” – Aiden, about getting older.

  • “Don’t worry they won’t think to stop you for drunk driving.” — Georg, offering Naulene a drink.

  • I’m so far behind with publishing photo’s I’ll need to take a holiday to catch up.
  • Tunes of the week: Ben Harper, funny how I love and hate his music.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.