Quick Update

It was time for a new header image for my blog..

  • Monday, a good VC meeting at &Union, a CA cert design session, a chat with PW at Greens – Park Rd, got a new pair of Vibram fivefingers, beach time, watched Black Swan with Keith at the Labia… good movie, seems you need to lose a bit of control to be perfect.. not really a Valentines day movie.
  • “Make no little plans”

  • Tuesday, TrustFabric founders meeting, sushi at Codfather, beach time, a sunset run to Clifton 1.
  • Wednesday, Ben (the new intern) came to visit us, 2.5 hour spinning class.
  • “I guess I have to go by a higher law. Yeah, I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma.” — Hunter S. Thompson

  • Thursday, VC meeting, sushi.. we try to limit it to twice a week, dinner at the Chapmans Peak Hotel with Carel and Carlos.. very good calamari.
  • I’ve been busy writing version 2 of the TrustFabric business plan.
  • Friday, meeting with Lee from Toodu.co.za, we released TrustFabric Beta 2.0, U2 at Cape Town Stadium.. my first visit to the stadium.. good visuals.
  • Saturday, early drive to SSW to fetch Mia, gym, swimming lessons, shop till you drop session, fish and chips at Willoughby’s, toy shop.. there was a 1/2 price Star Wars Lego special.. but sadly Mia was not interested, got Mia an early birthday gift, video shop, Little Beta, watched Despicable Me on Blu-Ray.. brilliant movie: “Alpha Villian, superbad, superdad.”, bath, read, sleep.
  • “Life is full of disappointment… for some people.” – Gru

  • Sunday, we designed and painted two masks, breakfast, built a Lego truck.. Mia did most of the building.. a new trend, Davy Dragon’s Guide to the Night Sky at the planetarium, Aquarium, fish and chips, crafts, ice cream, watched Despicable Me again, Naulene fetched Mia, photo processing, walked to Glen Beach, watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.