Quick Update

A week of steamed veg and rocket salads..

  • The time consuming part of writing these weekly updates is processing all the notes on my phone. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but at least it’s a routine and I tend to do things or file them.
  • Monday, walked to Clifton1, dentist visit, got a steamer, I spotted that girl on the beach again.. the film industry one, beach time, 1hour massage at home listening to the waves, made a steamed veg and fish supper.
  • I’ve been reading the 4-hour body.. seems all the cool kids are going to live to 120. Now you know.
  • So, the nurse figures I need more green veg. My solution: The healthy bachelor meal: 1 filet of fish. 1 bag of mixed veg (labeled “serves 2”). Add to steamer device. Set timer to 15min. Open a bottle of (L’Ormarins) Chardonnay. Add some pesto. Stuff yourself with enough veg for 1/2 a week. Wash down with 1/2 bottle of wine.
  • Eight bit me.
  • Tuesday, walked to Clifton1 listening to the ZATech show, launched the new website design, sushi day in Camps Bay, sunset walk, steamed fish, veggies and Chardonnay again, watched some Californication with Kris and Georg.
  • “Becca: Dad, are you ok? Hank: No, but I’m working on it.” — Californication

  • Tragic how often I look at Facebook invites and go.. nope, Mia time. People should have more events in the week.
  • Wednesday, early Lions Head walk, wildlife photography, swim, we had a Key Gen ceremony.. paranoia is good, we released Beta 2.2, a run to Clifton, steamed veg and some reading about the future of PKI crypto.
  • “Anybody going to wrap theirs in tin foil?” — Louis

  • Thursday, dentist visit.. to fix what they had fixed on Monday, got two new tyres for my car, a few pints of Guinness at O’Driscolls with Aiden and Georg for St Daddy’s day, met Dan and Gabs.
  • A good strategy to make friends: be really honestly friendly and cool.
  • “Wanted: meaningful overnight relationship….;-)” — Seen on FB.

  • “Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive.”

  • Tune of the week: Purple Haze, Groove Armada.
  • “Pinky promise?” — Mia, something she picked up from Despicable Me.

  • Mia asked me why you are not allowed to copy DVDs this week. Seems the propaganda at the beginning of movies is working.
  • I had an interesting conversation with Alex about the paradox of how entrepreneurs get cornered into bad deals recently. He figures there are more people with money than people with good business ideas that can be implemented well. True.
  • Friday, early podcast listening walk to Clifton1, swim, fetched Mia from school, stopped at Naulene’s house to fetch Mia’s bag, Naulene looked pretty tired, shopping, watched My Neigbour Totoro, beach time, steamed veg and fish, bath, glow in the dark Easter egg hunt, read, sleep.
  • Saturday, watched Fantastic Mr Fox, raw smoothie, gym, swimming lesson, shopping, beach time, braai for ~8 people in Bakoven.. Michael John was here (from China).
  • Reached the 800 FB friends mark.
  • “AND you expect me to take responsibility for your having a social life which is one of the prime reasons our relationship failed: you thought life didn’t have to change with a child. It does. This is not comparative happiness, it is equal responsibility.” — Recent email from Naulene. She seems to read her email about twice a month. This is probably the closest to a good reason I’ve seen. I obviously had to point out that her alternate plan sucked.

  • “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” — Top Gun.. or in Naulene’s case.. her body is writing checks her her ego can’t cash.

  • The new car tyres are stylin’, btw.
  • “Pappa Joe.” — What Mia’s sister seems to call me.

  • Sunday, micro nippers at Clifton.. we watched the WP life saving champs, Greek breakfast at Caffe Neo, watched Fantastic Mr Fox, nap, arts and crafts, sunset beach walk photo session, bath.. while beading necklaces, Talisker and dark chocolate, read, sleep.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Pappa Joe… like that! ;)

    I figure the VC’s have too much choice and too much experience while the entrepreneurs have the flip side.

    1. Hi Dave

      True… and most VCs are probably not very good at spotting an idea that can be implemented well when they see one… which creates risk for them, which has a negative effect on the good ideas.

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