Quick Update

Welcome to the diary of Joe.. confessions of somebody who three years ago figured he needed more structure and routine, so he started this weekly update thing.. to give him something to do while sipping Chardonnay.

  • Monday, watched Coraline, P fetched Mia, sushi day, photo shoot again.. I now have a reflector, awesome sunset swim, steamed veg, photo processing, babies don’t sleep this good.
  • Watch this: Storm
  • Tuesday, work, sunset Camps Bay beach walk.
  • I suspect that sometimes we need to be both wrong and stubborn to make progress.
  • Ugly Kid Joe – Cats In The Cradle
  • Wednesday, beach walk, bumped into Morgan on Clifton 1st, work, walked to Glen Beach, dinner at Bombay Brasserie – Taj Hotel – with Keith.. good food, some Paul Cluver Gewurztraminer and in all probability the best spinach I’ve ever had.
  • “Success is in the sincerity of the pursuit.” — from this article

  • I sometimes wonder how many decisions a startup business makes in the first two years. Has to be a big number.
  • Thursday, backups day, we launched Beta 3.0, burger and beer at Primi with Jonathan, g&t on Little Beta, watched The Prodigy Warrior’s Dance Festival – Milton Keynes at Cavendish with Paul, Etienne and Lia, a few drinks at Tin Roof.. interesting place.
  • I never did like Cavendish. It’s not the real Cape Town.
  • Friday, nurse visit.. iron is up after all that Rocket and Broccoli, swapped a shirt, software demo, nap, dinner at Cafe Paradiso with Georg.. good food, goodbye drinks at Aiden’s.. he’s off to Thailand for a few days.
  • Saturday, read 1/2 of “Bringing nothing to the party“, nap, read, nap, read, sunset beach walk, Dranged party at Salt Vodka bar in Bantry Bay.. I was going to take photos, but I simply wasn’t in the mood.. some creative prima donna thing.. or maybe I just like taking photos of happy people.
  • In context, I’ve only read two books this year.. so trust me, this is a good book. I’ve also read about 10% of 4 other books, which sucked.
  • “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.” — Hunter S. Thompson

  • “Startups are 80% fun and 20% hard work.” — Paul Carr

  • “Nobody knows anything.” — Paul Carr

  • Sunday, family day.. I was on Clifton 4 at 10:00. By 10:30 I was trying not to get worked up about Naulene being late for Mia’s micro-nippers class which started just after 10:00, the four of them arrived at 10:45 – What’s Fonzie like?… mostly because this was her first time driving with 3 kids, beach time, salad at home, Waterfront shopping, Little Beta beach time, drinks with Shannon and Bienne, Kris’s going away braai, Keith made an awesome cheese cake.
  • I have to say, playing dad of three for a day is amusing, but it’s probably not something you want to do every day. I have no idea how Naulene manages to be a single parent of three. Crazy shit.
  • Watch this: Today.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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