Monthly Archives: May 2011

Quick Update

I'm busy planning my first photography exhibition...

  • Monday, work, sushi, rainy sunset run, steamed veg.
  • I have my RSS feeds back, but I deleted a fair number of them.
  • Tuesday, work, sunset walk, chili poppers and Guinness at Twankey with Aiden and a drink at La Vie.
  • Wednesday, meeting with the guys at Quirk Labs, burger at Primi.
  • Thursday, Sunday Times photo shoot, photography exhibition meeting with Stu at Caprice, Georg cooked dinner, watched Something about Mary again.
  • Friday, nurse visit, vitB shot, a meeting.. in the from of a walk around Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, shopping, sunset walk and Beta Beach play area visit, supper, bath, read, sleep.
  • Eat more tomatoes, kids.
  • Saturday, Mia was a bit sick so we skipped swimming lessons, puzzle building.. Mia fell asleep next to her puzzle so I carried her to bed for a long nap.. still sick, watched Rugby, bath, read, sleep, watched Clash of the Titans.. not great.
  • I have a new Skype USB headset.
  • Sunday, family day, brunch at Neo, Mouille Point play area, watched the sharks being fed at the aquarium, late lunch fish and chips, Mia went home with Naulene, watched Limitless at the Labia with Keith. Brilliant movie.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

A week in the life of Joe..

  • Monday, work, angel investor meeting.
  • Seems I've become a nutrition nerd.
  • Food of the week Tahini, with avo, yum.
  • Tuesday, banana cinnamon smoothie, work, went for a sunset jog to Bantry Bay with my new friend.. she keeps me jogging instead of running, watched How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.. pretty good, slept like a bady.
  • The new heart rate monitor helps me stick to about 160bpm when jogging... and 140ish for gym.
  • "He is a self-made man, in awe of his creator." -- Permjot

  • I've been diligently following one part of the 4 hour body diet this winter: two glasses of red wine every night.
  • Wednesday, voting day - public holiday, drove to Stellenbosch with Georg, lunch with Mia and family at Agriturismo La Masseria on the R44, voted in Camps Bay, nap.
  • Thursday, work, meeting, sunset walk, watched Whatever Works.. very good.
  • "Yeah, entropy. Boris explained it. It's why you can't get the toothpaste back in the tube." -- Melodie, Whatever Works

  • "God is gay. He can't be, he made the whole universe perfect, the oceans, the skies, the beautiful flowers, the trees everywhere. That's right, he's a decorator." -- Whatever Works

  • I've stopped reading rss for a while (until I restore a backup) and I'm kinda sad that I don't really miss it.. less work.. most of my friends stopped blogging anyway.
  • Friday, client meeting, haircut at Bianca's, fetched Mia from school, first parent-teacher meeting.. seems Mia is doing well, sunset DIY session around the house, watched Public Enemies.. not bad.
  • Sometimes feel like I'm in life number 4.. school days, Stellenbosch days, Frogfoot/Rushmore days.. and now.
  • Saturday, raw smoothie, gym, swimming lesson, Waterfront clothes shopping for Mia.. new wellies and winter leggings, sunset Mouille Point play area photography, bath, rugby, sleep.
  • Sunday, grapefruit, hot chocolate with rice milk, Despicable Me, arts and crafts, Mia built a 100 piece puzzle, arts and crafts at the aquarium, fish and chips, ice cream, quick District 6 Cafe visit, tea and cheese cake at Deer Park, dropped Mia off at Naulene's house (she had a moment and could not fetch Mia), some photo processing.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

4 days of conferencing...

  • Monday, Net Prophet Startup Acceleration Workshop at Old Mutual in Pinelands with Jonathan, dropped Ernst at the airport, photo processing.
  • "Oh, you hate to see something like that at an event like this: ugly protesters bothering beautiful people." -- Zoolander

  • Tuesday, Net Prophet Startup Workshop, sunset walk, steamed veg, photo processing.
  • "After I'm gone, your Earth will be free to live out its miserable span of existence, as one of my satellites, and that's how it's going to be..." -- Moar Ghosts N Stuff

  • A few of my photos were used here.
  • Wednesday, more workshop, a Guinness and some calamari at Twankey bar with Aiden.
  • We dreamed up a new product last week called TrustFabric Connect. This week we figured out a business model for it.
  • "Principles are the enemy of reason."

  • "Angel investing is like marriage; it is the celebration of hope over statistical reality." -- Permjot Valia

  • Thursday, Net Prophet conference, a visit to the sports shop.. got a basic heart rate monitor, sunset walk, nice business call from Boston.
  • Four days of conferencing is a bit much.
  • Friday, fetched Mia at school, family afternoon at Manuka, shopping, supper, bath, read, sleep.
  • Saturday, swimming lessons, gym, sunset Mouille Point play area photo session, I made supper for Naulene and offspring, bath, sleep, browsed some photos.
  • I had a ticked for Groove Armada, but I did not go.
  • Sunday, family day, aquarium, fish and chips, Deer Park with Shannon and Jason, Mia went home with her mom.
  • Seems Max and Herman are busy building an aquarium again.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

The Fight Club pitch

How do you know an entrepreneur is pitching?: his lips are moving.


This is the best pitch ever:
Joe, what do you do?: "We make and sell soap."

I've used this many times.

If you make soap and you can tell people what you do in one line, without any context (knowing what they find interesting)... well awesome. Most things need some context before you move on.

We attended the Net Prophet Startup Exceleration workshop this week.

It was basically sales training. Ask questions. Have a conversation. Know the context. Figure out the need. Help people buy.

Groovy, but it does not mix so well with startup pitching idea... which was also part of the workshop.

I show up, give you a 2minute monologue on what we do.. are you going to buy it? No.. but if I give you one sentence to start a conversation I suspect I can, within 5min tell if you get it. If you do, I'm happy to tell you more.

The 2min pitch is lame and people who ask for it are lazy.

Quick Update

Keep calm and party on.

  • Monday, watched Zoolander, Waterfront, photo processing.
  • Started the 4h body slow carb diet.
  • Tuesday, design meeting with Jonathan, Gerhard and Etienne, sushi at Codfather, a sunset run.
  • "Code is law." -- Lawrence Lessig

  • Wednesday, work, sunset Lions Head walk.
  • Friends: people who generally show up, answer their phones and phone you back.
  • Thursday, work, sunset beach walk, dinner with Cath at Woodlands Eatery in Vredehoek.
  • Friday, fetched Ernst from the airport, we released Beta 3.1, burger at Caprice with Jonathan and Ernst.
  • "You need at least two social personas." -- Ernst

  • Saturday, lunch with Naulene and Mia at Cafe Zest, Franschhoek, rugby at Wijnhuis with Ernst, Anton, Georg and Andrew.
  • "What is this? Disprin for ants?" -- Ernst, about regular strength Disprins.

  • Sunday, woke up in Franschhoek, Vit B shot, The Village - near Stellenbosch with Ernst, photo processing.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I kinda lost my notes for the week.

  • Week number 156... which brings us to 3 years of weekly updates.
  • Monday, gym, swim, Waterfront and an early supper at Willoughby's with Mia, we found her some new winter slippers, a dressing gown and a new toothbrush.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, Knead and Deer Park with Naulene, Mia went home with her mom.
  • Wednesday, sunset Lions Head walk.
  • I finished reading Bringing Nothing to the Party.
  • Thursday, plotting.
  • Friday, SA Cheese festival just outside Stellenbosch with Naulene, Mia came home with me, I watched Batman Begins again.
  • Saturday, Kung Fu Panda, Mia retrofitted the Lego pirate ship, gym, swim, watched I Quantum of Solace again.
  • Inbox zero. Joy.
  • Sunday, Mega Mind, arts and crafts session, we had a whiteboard session on how to brush teeth, Little Beach swim, Debby and Romek's wedding in Stellenbosch with Georg and Naulene.. good fun.
  • I suspect Naulene and I are friends again.
  • Tune of the week: She's Got You High, Mumm-Ra.

Back to school, kids.