Quick Update

A week in the life of Joe..

  • Monday, work, angel investor meeting.
  • Seems I’ve become a nutrition nerd.
  • Food of the week Tahini, with avo, yum.
  • Tuesday, banana cinnamon smoothie, work, went for a sunset jog to Bantry Bay with my new friend.. she keeps me jogging instead of running, watched How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.. pretty good, slept like a bady.
  • The new heart rate monitor helps me stick to about 160bpm when jogging… and 140ish for gym.
  • “He is a self-made man, in awe of his creator.” — Permjot

  • I’ve been diligently following one part of the 4 hour body diet this winter: two glasses of red wine every night.
  • Wednesday, voting day – public holiday, drove to Stellenbosch with Georg, lunch with Mia and family at Agriturismo La Masseria on the R44, voted in Camps Bay, nap.
  • Thursday, work, meeting, sunset walk, watched Whatever Works.. very good.
  • “Yeah, entropy. Boris explained it. It’s why you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube.” — Melodie, Whatever Works

  • “God is gay. He can’t be, he made the whole universe perfect, the oceans, the skies, the beautiful flowers, the trees everywhere. That’s right, he’s a decorator.” — Whatever Works

  • I’ve stopped reading rss for a while (until I restore a backup) and I’m kinda sad that I don’t really miss it.. less work.. most of my friends stopped blogging anyway.
  • Friday, client meeting, haircut at Bianca’s, fetched Mia from school, first parent-teacher meeting.. seems Mia is doing well, sunset DIY session around the house, watched Public Enemies.. not bad.
  • Sometimes feel like I’m in life number 4.. school days, Stellenbosch days, Frogfoot/Rushmore days.. and now.
  • Saturday, raw smoothie, gym, swimming lesson, Waterfront clothes shopping for Mia.. new wellies and winter leggings, sunset Mouille Point play area photography, bath, rugby, sleep.
  • Sunday, grapefruit, hot chocolate with rice milk, Despicable Me, arts and crafts, Mia built a 100 piece puzzle, arts and crafts at the aquarium, fish and chips, ice cream, quick District 6 Cafe visit, tea and cheese cake at Deer Park, dropped Mia off at Naulene’s house (she had a moment and could not fetch Mia), some photo processing.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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    1. Hi Charl

      I restored a backup of my feed opml today and did some trimming of the high volume feeds, but yes, I still have yours in the list (-:

      Wish I had more friends who wrote a weekly post.

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