Quick Update

I’m busy planning my first photography exhibition…

  • Monday, work, sushi, rainy sunset run, steamed veg.
  • I have my RSS feeds back, but I deleted a fair number of them.
  • Tuesday, work, sunset walk, chili poppers and Guinness at Twankey with Aiden and a drink at La Vie.
  • Wednesday, meeting with the guys at Quirk Labs, burger at Primi.
  • Thursday, Sunday Times photo shoot, photography exhibition meeting with Stu at Caprice, Georg cooked dinner, watched Something about Mary again.
  • Friday, nurse visit, vitB shot, a meeting.. in the from of a walk around Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, shopping, sunset walk and Beta Beach play area visit, supper, bath, read, sleep.
  • Eat more tomatoes, kids.
  • Saturday, Mia was a bit sick so we skipped swimming lessons, puzzle building.. Mia fell asleep next to her puzzle so I carried her to bed for a long nap.. still sick, watched Rugby, bath, read, sleep, watched Clash of the Titans.. not great.
  • I have a new Skype USB headset.
  • Sunday, family day, brunch at Neo, Mouille Point play area, watched the sharks being fed at the aquarium, late lunch fish and chips, Mia went home with Naulene, watched Limitless at the Labia with Keith. Brilliant movie.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.