Quick Update

Getting a bit lazy with the notes.. or maybe I’m just busy at the moment.

  • Monday, drove all the way to space ship Canal Walk to buy a new Macbook Pro i5.
  • Tuesday, design session with Mike, sunset jog.
  • Wednesday, lunch with Rob, Telkom installed a new ADSL line, Orms visit, laptop bag shopping.. mildly depressing, sunset jog.
  • Thursday, design session with Mike, fetched a photo print at Orms, Jonathan visit, Lions Head walk.
  • I might be overdoing the soup and red wine suppers a bit lately.
  • Friday, tea with Tim at Melissas in Constantia, fetched Mia from school, installed a photo processing workstation for Naulene.. and a games/movie system for Mia, Aiden visit, Stellenbosch visit, early supper at Manuka, drove back to Cape Town, Mia went to bed early, watched some rugby and Simpsons with Georg.
  • Saturday, family day, fetched Naulene+2, drove to Robertson, oysters and bubbly at Graham Beck, drove to Avalon Springs (hot springs), indoor pool, pizza for supper.
  • Sunday, family day, woke up in Montagu, jumping castle at Zandfliet, pancakes at Excelsior, more hot springs swimming, fish and chips for supper.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.