Canon S95 Review

A 5min review…

I figured I needed a new compact camera. The Canon S95 looked like the best option. Here are some notes on the first weekend of shooting:

  • Nice user interface. I like the front wheel setting. Nice size. Compact and light.
  • f/2.0 – Pretty cool. Would be nice to go SCUBA diving with.
  • 28 – 105mm zoom.. at full zoom it goes f/5.6
  • 1280×720 HD video. – probably the best video you want to shoot on a compact anyway.
  • Only 10MP.. but I don’t mind, I can use the saving in storage. About 3MB for a jpg. About 10MB for RAW.
  • You can shoot RAW, but only in the custom modes, which is a bit weird, it goes JPEG in all the auto modes.
  • Seems to have a nice low-light mode.. 12800 ISO at 1600×1200 (only). Needs some more testing.
  • I like the the tilt and shift feature (miniaturised look)… it does both still and video.
  • It does HDR… on an tripod (best of three bracketed images).
  • Nice to be able to force the flash to fire.

Sorry kids, that’s it for now. It’s much better than the Canon PowerShot D10 I had for the last two years or so.. but it obviously does not come close to the Canon 5D mkII (my real baby).

Best compact I’ve seen so far. Have fun.

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