7 tips for Startup Health

I woke up without a stiff neck this morning. Nice feeling. For the last 5 days my one shoulder just did not feel right. Talking to a few friends, it seems at least three of them have had some issue with their back or neck recently, so I figured I’d share some ideas on how to fix or avoid this.

Our lifestyles are stressful. Tech startups are probably not the best environment for your back. Long hours in front of computers and the relentless quest to find product-market fit. Finding product-market fit could take a year or two. This is the primary goal of a startup and you can’t ever really take a break from searching for it.. you keep thinking about it when you drive your car or stand in the shower. Yes, it’s a bit nuts, but you have to make this process sustainable.

7 Tips to keep you happy and productive:

  • Stretch. Every morning. I stretch about three times a day.
  • Take your Vitamins. I take a hand full every morning and a Vitamin B shot every six weeks.
  • Get more exercise. At least 3 * 30min per week. A bit of exercise often helps you think better. An early morning or sunset walk is a good idea. Go for a run. Go for a swim. If you can’t spend much time in gym just do a few back and lower back exercises.
  • Get a cheap Heart Rate monitor. Good to know your heart rate when jogging. I stick to around 160bpm. I upload my heart rate data to my health insurance company. They require 30min sessions above a certain heart rate. It’s a game, but it works.
  • Measure your health. I check my blood pressure once a week. It’s often on the healthy limit (120/80). I measure my blood glucose, iron and cholesterol once every 6 weeks. Not that the figures really change but I know the tests are in my calendar so it motivates me to have a few weeks of healthy living.
  • Watch what you eat. You don’t want to be clawing your way back from more than 20% body fat. It’s just easier to stay in a healthy range.
  • Go for massages. I go for about one a month. I used to think this was lame, but sometimes it really works wonders.

I hope these ideas help a few people.

The good news is that I strongly suspect we have found product market fit for our startup recently. Have a look at TrustFabric Connect.

Good luck with your project. Feel free to add comments with your startup survival tips.

2 thoughts on “7 tips for Startup Health

  1. Why do you take a handful of vitamins every morning? Doesn’t 2-3 of them cover everything you’d need?

    It’s really amazing the difference stretching makes!

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