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It’s been about a month since we launched TrustFabric Connect. Just over 300 people have signed up so far. We’re very happy with that number. We’ve had some good feedback and helpful comments. Thank you.

What is TrustFabric Connect?

Let me ask you two questions:

1) How many businesses are you a customer of? – or, how many businesses do you think consider you to be their customer? 20, 100, 2000?

2) If you change your contact details (address, phone number, email address), in how many different places do you need to go update your details?

With TrustFabric Connect you would know the number of business relationships you have, you would have more control and you would be able to easily manage your contact details. Best of all, you would have less interruptions in your life, because the businesses around you would know your communication preferences and would respect your (legal) right to privacy.

Sounds good? Help us make this a reality:

1) Sign up
2) Invite your friends (see screenshot below)
3) Suggest businesses that you would like to see on TrustFabric

Invite your Friends
If you would like to invite your friends from LinkedIn, Facebook (see notes below), Google+ or maybe your Address Book application, just export their details in vCard format. Go to your TrustFabric Connect home page and follow the “upload a file” link under the “Tell Your Friends” section.

We will only send one invite per email address, so don’t worry that your friend is going to get the same invite email from ten other people.

Win an iPad2
You’ll notice some stats on your home page: the number of friends you invited, the number who joined and the number of businesses you suggested.

We are giving away an iPad2, to somebody randomly selected from the list of our top 100 supporters. The more friends you invite the higher your supporter ranking.

The Early Adopter Hall of Fame
We will list the top 20 supporters on our website as soon as we reach 1000 users.

Pass it on.

Notes on the how to get vCard data out of Facebook via Yahoo!

1) Go to and click on the Sign in with Facebook button.

2) Click on the Facebook logo and select OK when asked if you want to share your contacts with Yahoo.

3) Go to Tools > Export (top right nav)

4) Select “vCard Single File” and click “Export Now”

This video shows you the process.. but don’t select MS Outlook, select vCard Single File.

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