Quick Update

Our photography exhibition opening week…

  • Monday, backup day, design session with Michel, visited Stu, printed some photography business cards, gym, fetched our photo book, sunset walk, made supper for Cath.
  • Tuesday, work, sunset walk to Clifton.
  • Wednesday, morning walk to Bantry Bay, fetched prints with Stu, took our art to the gallery, signed it all and figured out where to hang each piece, Lions Head walk, steamed veg and a glass of wine.
  • Thursday, meeting with Jonathan, lunch at Hello Sailor in Obs, gallery prep, STOMP opening night, pizza with Cath, Georg and Naulene at Carlyles.
  • STOMP: We had two opening nights. We had over 1000 positive RSVPs for our exhibition on Facebook. Press here and here.
  • Two thoughts after opening night: 1.) Real artists ship. 2.) It takes 20% of the time to gain 80% of the knowledge and 80% of the time to get the remaining 20%.
  • Friday, made Mia and Francis breakfast, tea with Naulene, launched our new video, post office visit, took Mia for a tour of the Cape Town flower market, pizza at Knead, gallery visit.. to show Mia our work, 2nd opening night, Mia spent some time with Fiona and played Bingo – she claims to have won twice.
  • “The 5 year old who knows everything.” — Naulene, about Mia.

  • Saturday, tea, light saber battle, Mia watched Mamma Mia, gym, swimming lessons, off to Franschhoek for Bastille Day, we visited Nikki at Bread and Wine, late lunch at Deli Cat – Tokara, a beer with Georg at Die Akker, Mia watched Mamma Mia again, some photo processing, we read Evil Weasel, sleep.
  • “Swimming, art and dressing up.” — Mia, listing her favourite things.

  • Sunday, arts and crafts, gym, swim, dropped Mia off at her mom’s, watched The Bank Job again… good movie.
  • Naulene still refuses to be my Facebook friend.

“Until such time may the winds be at your back, the dice be kind, and the Gods turn the occasional blind eye.” — Koop

Have a fun week, crazy kids.