Tech startups in 6 easy steps

Business is an art, not a science. That’s even more true in early stage ventures… but there is some science or at least a recipe to apply to your tech startup.

You read this stuff over and over, but you don’t really “get it” until you reach product market fit.

0.) Start with a geek and a hustler, or two geeks, but you have to be able to design, code and sell.
1.) Passion-Market fit – enough passion to stay in the space, especially if you are early.
2.) Minimum Viable Product – if you are not embarrassed by it, you did not launch it quick enough, BUT it must have obvious value.
3.) Product-Market Fit – do people like it? if you are not signing up users at a rate you are happy with, go back to step 1.
4.) Growth – figure out how to keep new users signing up.
5.) Sales – figure out how to profitably get paying clients.
6.) Scale – figure out where you can have the most impact on improving your metrics.

Notes: It’s easy to build a hobby, the idea is to build a business. What gets measured gets managed. I would strongly suggest you make an explainer video early on – make sure it’s in plain English without any tech speak. Think agile. Learn on the job. Build things people want. Build a business, not a product. Think big.

Good luck, and remember: nobody knows anything.

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