NCC Opt-Out Registry Comments

If you feel it’s not a good idea letting the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) run the national opt-out registry, please send an email with your comments as follows:

The National Commissioner,
National Consumer Commission
Email: Ms Prudence Moilwa –
Reference number: NCC/EOI/0003

Well, it’s probably not smart letting the people representing the interests of the direct marketing industry run something designed to stop direct marketing… read: spammers running the anti-spam list. Also, their track record with protecting personal information is far from good.

This Friday the 29th 2011

Please don’t just cut and paste something. Email them your honest comments. Thanks.

You can find the full story here. And the government notice is here.

6 thoughts on “NCC Opt-Out Registry Comments

  1. I don’t trust the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) with my data, It makes more sense to let a trusted third party run the national opt out registry. And who better than a third party like Trustfabric whose business it is keeping people’s data secure already?

      1. Also, don’t copy-paste the original email address directly!

        I landed up emailing

        1. Sorry about that, I cut and pasted the original details from the government notice PDF. It’s fixed now.

  2. I think it pure stupidity to have a ‘poacher’ become the ‘gamekeeper’. Society and industry only works properly when there are checks and balances in place and this decision flies in the face of logic and common sense

    Aiden Connolly

  3. The whole notion that we should have to opt-out in the first place is completely broken. There should be NO permission to spam anyone unless and until they explicitly opt in, with a closed-loop opt-in confirmation such as has been implemented by email list management software for decades.

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