DMASA Muppets

There was a poll on the DMASA’s website this week. It read:

“The DMASA has been nominated as preferred supplier to the National Consumer Commission to manage the official Do Not Contact Database. Do you support this move by the NCC?”

I first looked at it yesterday morning. The results were: Yes=33% – No=66%

A few people mentioned the poll on Twitter.

Around mid-day I made a screenshot showing the results as: Yes=6% – No=94%

Then, magically, the poll got archived and the results changed to Yes=87% with a creative date range of 2011-07-19 to 2011-07-12.

I’d love to know what logic they used to “correct” the results. Creative ethics in that organisation.

Here is a log of the poll data over the day and another blog post on the topic.

1 thought on “DMASA Muppets

  1. From when to when did their poll run in actual fact?

    I saw the date 2011-07-19 to 2011-07-12 you mentioned this morning as well, but that has now (this morning) been adjusted to be 2011-07-19 – 2011-07-28.

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