Quick Update

This week’s post was delayed because of an Apple OSX 10.7 upgrade gone wrong.

  • Monday, woke up in the Cederderg, Ollie made us a Dutch uitsmijter for breakfast, drove back to Cape Town, meeting with Alex at &Union, Range Rover Sport s/c test drive, cooked myself some dinner.
  • Tuesday, press release writing, a walk to Vida with Rob, a long meeting, strategy session with Jonathan, supper at Soboroba in Bakoven, some proposal writing, watched Green Zone.
  • Wednesday, Discovery3 test drive, jungle oats at Wembley, gym, work, steamed veg, proposal writing.
  • Seems I’m well past the Gold Discovery Vitality status mark for this year already… which I think gives me Diamond status next year.
  • Something I’ve been pondering this week: Survival vs. flourishing, would be nice to see more people around me flourishing.
  • Nice graphic about food supplements.
  • Thursday, work, gym, drove to SSW, lunch with Mia and family, got Georg a birthday gift, found a new phone – HTC ChaCha running Android, played photographer at Heavy Chef, sushi with Nick in De Waterkant.
  • Walking out of Heavy Chef I was thinking… Thank god I’m not selling ads.
  • “Well done me.” — Mia

  • “I always thought Christianity was a bit of a cop out.” — Nick

  • Friday, fetched Mia from school, a walk in the nature reserve, took Naulene out for dinner at Jenna Viva.. kind like a 2nd 1st date.
  • Saturday, woke up in Somerset West, took Mia for her swimming lesson, gym, fish and chips and sushi at Willoughby’s, toy shop, wine shop, Milton’s birthday braai, sunset Beta Beach walk, bath, read, sleep. Perfect day.
  • Good thing I missed the rugby.
  • Seems Georg has changed his batting style from Pro20 to 5day.
  • I figure Mia goes through at least one set of Leapfrog Tag batteries every month.
  • Sunday, Waterfront shopping with Mia and family, braai in Bakoven with Naulene, Shannon and Jason.
  • Seems married men live 7 years longer.
  • I think it’s safe to say Rushmore is back. End of an era.
  • “Nothing can come close to this familiar feeling.” — Moloko, Familiar Feeling

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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  1. Georg is trying to be more of a Jacques Kallis style player, less of a Lance Klusener. You get a more consistant stroke of the ball that way.

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