Quick Update

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day..

  • Monday, setup my new Nokia C3, gym – first personal trainer session, swim, red sofa, fetched some boxes for the move, Kauai, sunset walk to Clifton with Georg.
  • Installed MXit on my C3.
  • Tuesday, personal training session, red sofa, sunset walk to Clifton.
  • Wednesday, a walk around Stellenbosch, dropped off some Mia toys, packing session, 2.5hour spinning session.
  • “Nobody ever got fired for organising a braai.”

  • Thursday, early packing session, put pretty much everything I have in storage, personal trainer session, UKTI meeting, last packing session, Thai Yellow Curry at Carlyle’s with Georg.
  • Don’t do personal training and move a lot of boxes on the same day.
  • Read about TrustFabric in the October Brainstorm mag.
  • Friday, woke up at Cath’s house, gym, red sofa, watched the rugby at Van Hunks with Milton, some house admin, drove to Greyton with Mia and family.
  • Saturday, family day in Greyton.
  • Sunday, family day in Greyton.
  • 4 days without twitter, facebook, email and phone calls.
  • Adventure is good for us.

Have a fun week, dot com kids.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. Spinning is easy.. but yeah, would like to get on a mountain bike more. Looks like I’ll be living in mountain bike country from November onwards.

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