Quick Update

A week of diving in the Mediterranean and about 600 photos…

  • I’m writing this on my last night in Istanbul. Awesome week. I read The Upgrade while getting a tan on a boat. Occasionally a sea turtle would pop up for air, we free dived, had Mediterranean food and drank Turkish tea.
  • Monday, rainy day – good for traveling, taxi to Kas, found a hotel with wifi, walked to the harbour for some diving deal negotiations, yogurt kebabs, photo processing and underwater photography equipment check.
  • Tuesday, 1st day of Scuba diving (photography), we dived two sites and had lunch on the boat: Neptune Reef and Pigeon Island, Jacques took a nap while I processed photos, Doner Kebabs for supper.
  • Wednesday, diving day: Canyon and Oasis Reef, meze platter and Raki around town square, Skype chat with Mia, photo processing.
  • I’m very happy to travel with only once lens: 16-35mm.
  • Thursday, diving day: free dive at Heybeli Ada reef, free dive at the Dekota C47 followed by a scuba dive, Jacques went paragliding – I was the camera man – pretty sure the ride down by car was more scary than the flying, walked around Kas, meat balls and garlic yoghurt for supper, Skype chat with Mia, photo processing.
  • Note to self: need to make (edit) a video of the free diving and paragliding.
  • Seems I can still free dive to 20m fairly easily.
  • I think I like Turkey more than Greece and Egypt.
  • Two weeks away from home but in front of my laptop every day – wifi everywhere. Also doing well with keeping my photo processing up to date. With a bit of luck I’ll get back home with almost no backlog.
  • Traveling with Jacques involves a lot of stories about global politics, financial markets and conspiracy theories. Some interesting theories.
  • Friday, last day of diving, two free dives: Besmi Adasi and Pina Banko, sunset drinks with the Dutch girls we met on the boat, fish and chips by the harbour.
  • Jacques (aka Jacques Cousteau) managed to get some form of sea urchin / hydroid / reef protein poison grass burn on his belly. He raided the (Istanbul) hotel medicine cabinet for some expired medicine. A few scary things under the sea.
  • Saturday, slept till 9:00, 4 hour bus ride to Antalya, domestic flight to Istanbul (with Onur Air) – flew from Asia to Europe in 1 hour, crazy fast taxi ride, found a hotel with wifi – inexpensive and central, 20 Euro/n each, took a stroll around the Sultanahmet area for some night time photography.
  • I realised I had been in Asia most of the week – my first time on the Asian continent.
  • Internet access in Turkey sucks a bit. Maybe it’s just the two places we stayed at, but DNS seems to work only about 75% of the time – using opendns seems to fix this.
  • Sunday, breakfast on the roof terrace, sight seeing day, Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya, carpets and leather jacket window shopping, got some presents – scarfs etc, apple tea and baklava, had fish for supper at Balikci Sabahattin – interesting, they seem to not want to show you the menu, a beer down the road and some photo processing.
  • Istanbul is BIG – ~20mil people big.
  • You have to love the fresh pomegranate juice stands all over the place.
  • Pretty much a month without any real exercise – other than free diving. Need to get back in shape when I’m home.
  • Normally I don’t accept FB friend requests from people who have power balance bracelets.
  • I added a whole lot of travel photos to Facebook.
  • I think Paul Carr is my new hero.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.