TrustFabric in GQ Jan 2012

TrustFabric, MXit and World of Avatar mentioned in GQ…

SA GQ Page 86 January 2012

4 thoughts on “TrustFabric in GQ Jan 2012

  1. I just found info on you by hook or by crook (through an article on bandwidthblog) – did not know of you before. Pretty interesting reading material ( Will continue to check out your progress. At this point I would have to add that I am pretty impressed but I don’t want to blow smoke up, well, you know where. Good stuff. Well done and keep it up! PS: Still not drinking coffee, or Coke? How about the Maccie D’s?

    1. Hi Conrad

      Thanks for the comments.

      Still avoiding the coffee, coke and McD. Coffee seems to be the hardest to avoid – people want to give you a coffee in every meeting.

      1. Coffee. I was going to ask you how you managed to navigate around that one. We just bought this Nespresso machine for our staff and now…I am all addicted again. An espresso “on-the-fly” is a special thing! Hows it going at World of Avatar?

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