Quick Update

Dad and daughter weekend..

  • Monday, morning walk around Stellenbosch, walked past the places I lived in 1996, 1997, 1998-2000, haircut – with clippers – which were connected to a wall socket – I guess I’m just a short-back-and-sides kinda guy, tea with Izak, chili juice with Cath at Wembley Square, swim, Lions Head walk with Andrew and Camila – carried up a tripod and took a series of photos for a panoramic photo project, nerd gathering at Hudsons in Green Point with Cath, a glass of wine at Georg’s house and fetched the last of the stuff I left there in September.
  • I think I’m getting used to living in Pleasantville.
  • Tuesday, omelette with Naulene in Stellenbosch, rock shandy with Alex, made a panoramic of Table Mountain, a walk around Stellenbosch, cooked my first meal at home – couscous salad, photo processing.
  • Looking at some photos – 2008-2011 was a pretty fun ride – going to have to work to keep up the pace.
  • Wednesday, office, got home and had no electricity, Mia visit.
  • I think this heat is affecting my sleeping patterns.
  • Thursday, woke up in Somerset West, took Mia to school, car service day, visited Will, sunset bubbly on Paul’s lawn, pizza at Morituri Stellenbosch with Paul and Victoria.
  • I’ve managed to process all my pre-2011 photos and archive the masters – saved a fair bit of space.
  • Friday, late lunch at Cuvee – Simonsig with the family, Kanonkop, De Oewer, a walk along the river in Mostertsdrif.
  • Saturday, watched Stardust with Mia, lunch at Delicat – Tokara with Mia, Nikki and Andrew.. very nice ice cream, dress shopping for Mia, wine farm tour – Dornier, Hidden Valley, Uva Mira, Rust en Vrede, went to go kick a rugby ball on the Coetzenburg rugby fields.
  • “No, seriously, don’t mention it. Reputations, you know – a lifetime to build, seconds to destroy.” — Captain Shakespeare, Stardust

  • Sunday, raw green smoothie, we built Lego while listening to Hootie and the Blowfish, Dan Patlansky at Kirstenbosch with Mia, Paul, Claus, Jani and Philippa, pretty awesome bottle of Danie De Wet 2006 Reserve Chardonnay.
  • Paul tells me Danie De Wet smuggled the first Chardonnay vine cuttings into SA.
  • There is a special kind of happiness from finding Mia’s hat which I was pretty sure had been forgotten at Kirstenbosch the previous day.
  • You know Mia has been visiting when there are little bits of blue feathers all over the place, from playing with her feather boa.
  • Tune of the week: Die Illusie Van Veiligheid – FPK

Have a fun week, crazy kids.