MXit Wishlist

Which features would you like to see in the new MXit app?

Or, which new features would make you use MXit?

I’m guessing most of the people who read my blog don’t currently use MXit, but I bump into MXit people fairly often and I have some ideas for features. I’m not looking for a long detailed list – I’m more looking for things that are cool and exciting and fun and useful – big impact ideas. Mini disclaimer: I don’t work for MXit, but TrustFabric is part of the same group of companies.

A bit more context: I’m thinking iPhone or Android app here. I guess I’m trying to get the perspective of other geeks like me more than the current MXit user. The following are a few of my ideas – some of them may not be that realistic. Please let me know if you like these ideas and if you would add something to the list.

The Basics
All the things you would expect from a smart phone app: A convenient replacement for SMS. Easy install. Easy way to get started and find your friends. Push notifications, so you can leave the app active in the background. Nice view of past conversations. The only new thing I’d add to this list is end to end encrypted (client-to-client) messages.

A wallet and a payment system in the real world. Read: be able to buy a coffee or movie ticket. Easy payment based on my location would be cool – just a name and a swipe, no reading six digit codes to the person at the till.

Inner Circle
I’d like the app to know which of my contacts are close friends (strong ties) – people I would invite to a braai. It might figure this out from my call and SMS log to start – I’ll tweak it, but I don’t want to work hard at maintaining my inner circle list.

When I arrive at a big event/party, I want the app to be able to show me which of my close friends are there, which of my connections are there and maybe how many of my connection’s connections. It should also help me plan a small event, like an ad-hoc after work drink or a Saturday afternoon braai.

Again, maybe not all of this is useful, but if I had this I might start using MXit, get my friends to use it and even get an iPhone (I like my Nokia E5).



Would also be cool to be able to share my location with my close friends.

4 thoughts on “MXit Wishlist

  1. Through using NFC and the Wallet…I would like to receive a voucher from Mxit partners given the fact that I am in close proximity to these partner stores and that they have some kind of a promo running. For example: I am walking past Vida and i get sent a voucher automaticaly through the above mentioned technology depending on my location…get into Vida Stellies and use this voucher no to get R5 of your next cup of coffee. Cashier enters no on POS and boom. This concept has legs as it can be extended to any other partnering company. Could be used for clothing retailers, restaurants etc.

    This will be a definate winner to get the over 30’s back on the platform.

    Also another idea: QR code reader within Mxit. Users use it to drive social commerce in conjunction with an external Mxit partner. Say for example all Levi’s Jeans had QR codes. Our users scan the QR code in-store as they would click like on FB to say we like this product. The more people that scan this in-store i.e. the higher the likes/demand the lower the price of the product such as jeans get driven… The user can click on the “Buy Now” button within the Levi’s portal or within wallet and enter their size, delivery details and the wallet will already be linked to their credit card or cash deposited in wallet for immediate purchase and 24 hour front door delivery of thsi product. Now that will be amazing.

    We have such a unique advantage and the chance to realy drive social commerce within this country and continent which the likes of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter will find difficult if not impossible to achieve within an South -African or African context.

    Use it – Don’t use it.

    Hopefully you will use it.

    Kind Regards


  2. Joe-that is the million dollar question: What can you add to an existing social network that will generate higher user acceptance/usability? Look at the other existing social networks-look at how they’ve grown (I’m seeing a more mature uptake nowadays-even grand-parents are joining). Why have they grown & how will they sustain their users interests? Look at twitter-look at the newest kid on the One pattern that emerges is that of expression-sharing. Social networks link people together & make sharing easy. The bigger question would be why do people want to be linked & what do they do when they are brought closer together? 

    Personally I like to agree with the idea that the next web era is that of the curated web: . Facebook has attracted so many non-computer, non-internet people to the internet. The amount of sharing has increased to a crazy amount. The amount of content-the amount of information on the internet is growing at an alarming rate. Information that is overwhelming has the potential to become noise-this includes the notion of advertising. We need a way to organize & prioritize that somehow. If Mxit could do that for me-make sense of all the madness, I’d use it every day.

    Great ideas by the way, though the inner circle concept may border on some serious privacy concerns ;)

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