Quick Update

Chazz Michael Michaels – ice-devouring sex tornado..

  • Monday, put new home movies on Mia’s iPad, took her to school, gym, sunset walk to Lanzerac, video processing.
  • Tuesday, morning walk, Mia visit.
  • Wednesday, dropped Mia at school, Waterstone gym (to read email waiting for traffic), Wembley gym, tea with Sarah, lunch with Cath, bank with Jonathan and Gerhard, Orms to get a replacement polarizer, AfrikaBurn volunteer meeting at the Bijou with Cath, a beer at Georg’s house.
  • “No radio, no sleepy songs, no tunes.” — Mia, about car music options.

  • Thursday, morning run to the top hockey fields, breakfast at Guardian Peak with Ben, Paul’s house, MXit Thursdays at Gino’s, braai at Debby’s house with Ben and Werner.
  • “If there is one thing we like doing.. it’s answering questions.” — Ben

  • Friday, got my AfrikaBurn ticket, after work beer at De Akker, Mia visit.
  • Feels like my load average is running above 2 at the moment. Work, family, exercise, friends.
  • Saturday, woke up with 5 people in the bed, breakfast at Mondeor, braai at Will’s house.
  • Sunday, family time, gym, lunch with Andrew, Bianca, Terence, Sherri, Emma at Glen Carlou.. try the Glen Carlou Quartz Stone Chardonnay, a swim at Bianca’s house, photo processing, watched Blades of Glory again.. brilliant.
  • New pet hate: people who keep yapping on about their pets.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.