Quick Update

The Quickening week at MXit and the Will Ferrell box set…

  • Monday, upgraded Mia’s iPad, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, photo processing.
  • Tuesday, upgraded Mia’s Mac Mini, left the office at 20:00ish, Mia visit.
  • Wednesday, dropped Mia at school, gym, left the office at 21:00ish, photo processing while watching A Night at the Roxbury.. pretty lame.
  • Watch this: Elon Musk Profiled: Bloomberg Risk Takers.
  • Thursday, morning walk to Lanzerac listening to ZAtech Show, Duct Tape Wallet meeting, got Django and our dev environment running on Ubuntu in Virtualbox, left the office after 21:00, beer at Gino’s, photo processing while watching Superstar.. pretty lame.
  • Friday, watched Old School again, nap, photo processing.
  • I processed about 1000 photos this week.
  • Saturday, gym, family outing to AfrikaBurn Park Life at Rocklands Park (Deer Park), Fresh Sauvignon festival at Buitenverwachting with Paul, Jimmy the Fish with Mia and Francis.
  • Sunday, woke up displaced from my bed by Mia and Francis, photo processing while Mia and Francis watched Stardust, Mia built 7 floor puzzles while Francis and I took a nap, Goodluck at Oude Libertas with Andrew, Mia danced with Juliet on stage.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.