Kicking ass and taking names

Kicking ass and taking numbers actually.

Tired of random sales calls and SMS spam?

We made a mobile version of the TrustFabric Opt-Out service live on Mxit over the weekend.. 1 April was exactly one year after the Consumer Protection Act came into effect.

The DMA – who runs the only other opt-out list (which is funded by the same people who do most of the spamming) had 39k records last year when their list was reported leaked.

Help us build the biggest opt-out list so we can go ask the NCC to appoint an official National Opt-Out list for South Africa.

Read this for some background.

How to add yourself to the Opt-out list:

  • Mxit: If you ever wanted a reason to install MXit, here you go… On your phone, go to, download and sign up, add the “TrustFabric” contact.
  • Mxit via the Web: – sign up and add the “TrustFabric” contact.
  • Web: TrustFabric Connect – sign up and configure your communication preferences. If you are an existing TrustFabric user you are already on the list.

Spread the word.

UPDATE – Wednesday 4th 17:45 – 5,500 users.
UPDATE – Thursday 5th 8:45 – 10,000 users.
UPDATE – Monday 9th 12:25 – 30,000 users.
UPDATE – Sunday 15th 11:45 – 100,000 users.
UPDATE – Tuesday 24nd 8:30 – 150,000 users.
UPDATE – Tuesday 1 May – 200,000 users.
UPDATE – Sunday 27 May – 250,000 users.

9 thoughts on “Kicking ass and taking names

  1. Joe – add some Facebook, Twitter and G+ buttons to these posts so your readers can spread the word more easily mate. (sez he who only recently did that on his own blog ;)

  2. Is MXit in the US iTunes store? Can’t install via or the app store.
    (Most people I know have an US account so they can access useful content)

    1. Hi Cliff

      I don’t think you can install MXit for iOS at this point in time. A new version of MXit for iOS should be out soon – it’s in testing now.

  3. Speaking of the DMA and opt-out, what happened with that tender for a national opt out database? It seems to have gone really quiet.

      1. It seems that spam and online privacy are less than a tiny dot on the list of government’s priorities. I suppose compared to feeding and housing the poor, combating crime and commissioning endless planning documents is more important, but this is a genie you don’t easily put back in the bottle.

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