Quick Update

Down the rabbit hole..

  • Monday, made breakfast for Mia and Francis, office, registered gustpay.com, ARBurn meetup at Trumpettree.
  • Tuesday, morning walk to Lanzerac, set up new TrustFabric production server, we finished the TrustFabric MXit Opt-out service, sushi at the place under Springbok.
  • Remember kids, startup dev is not swiss watch making.
  • Wednesday, morning walk to Lazerac, made a Gust video with Frans, lunch with Malan, bumped into a random mid-week street wine festival on my way home, some Jordan wine and a burger with Paul at 5Reineveld.
  • Thursday, morning walk, we installed 20 Gust wallets, FTTH meeting, lunch with Charl and Brad, tea with Paul, Theo and Dirk, MXit Thursdays at Gino’s and ARBurn and #HackSTB meetups.
  • Passion > impact > wealth.
  • “Wondering panther.” – aka Pondering Panda.

  • Friday, rainy day, office, bookend some Chuck Norris ads on MXit, fetched Mia and Francis, Kauai, watched The Lorax, book shop.. got Mia the new Olivia goes to Venice, fish and chips, updated Mia’s iPad with the latest photos.
  • I think I managed to not use my car for 4 days this week.
  • Saturday, Mia’s 6th birthday party at Naulene’s house, late family lunch at Eikendal, shopping, Mia and I went for a walk along the Eerste Rivier.
  • Mia now wears a size 1 shoe.
  • “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” — Mia

  • Sunday, Mxit family day at Brenaissance Wine Estate – Alice in Wonderland party, awesome day.
  • “You have a tiger there!” — comment about Mia at the Alice in Wonderland party.

  • I gave away my HD PVR this week. So long DSTV – may your monopoly end soon.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.