Quick Update

Die SON! How cool is that?.. :-P

  • Monday, family day.. Easter picnic at Warwick Wine Estate with an Alice in Wonderland theme, got home with a box full of Easter eggs, a glass of wine with Andrew.
  • Tuesday, woke up in Somerset West, dropped Mia at school, car service day, got an A4 2.0T to drive for a few days.. nice, typed up a press release, gym, work, Roelof Botha talk at STIAS.
  • “Communication is the greatest multiplier.” — Roelof Botha

  • Wednesday, morning podcast walk to Lanzerac, Gusted a smoothie, moar opt-out press releases, 1st #hackstb meeting, a beer at TrumpetTree with Henk.
  • “When I say manage, I mean ignore.” — Alex

  • Thursday, morning walk, kicked off phase 2 of Gust, used my Mxit wallet to pay for a haircut at Ancia’s, Mxit Thursdays and AfrikaBurn meetup at Gino’s, Taxi Violence at Bohemia with Paul.
  • “We’re a finish-down.” — Ben, about the inverse of a startup.

  • If you do something right the first time.. they will ask you to do it again.
  • Seems I’ve been shortlisted for the M&G’s 200 Young South Africans 2012 project.
  • Friday, office, got my car back, shopping with Naulene, finally ordered myself an ADSL line at home, WoodMill night market with the family.
  • Saturday, Mia and Francis watched Thumbelina, lunch at Col’cacchio, nap, watched a few episodes of The Smurfs, 3 * kiddies hake and chips at Jimmy the Fish.. while watching the Bulls game.
  • “Oplossing vir die digitale realm se muskiete.” — Joe from Die SON

  • Sunday, gym.. sneaked Francis into the play area with Mia (as usual), we passed 100k opt-outs, lost Mia in the mall, found her again, got a mifi device, watched The Pirates – Band of Misfits.. not bad, got a copy of Die SON (local Afrikaans tabloid).. for an article about our opt-out service, a quick visit to Andrew’s house, we watched UP again.
  • “Set a course for adventure!” — The Pirates

  • I have a feeling the next post will involve some AfrikaBurn planning.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.